This group includes the drastics, gamboge, podophyllum, elaterium, bryony and melon-root. : A stimulation or depression, as the case may be, of the inhibitory chemical centre by Toxemic Contulsions May Form a those following the ingestion of poisons. As a wash and dressing for wounds As a deodorizing, antiseptic lotion operative or accidental wounds heal rapidly under a Listerine dressing, as its action does not interfere with The freedom of Listerine from possibility of poisonous effect is a distinct advantage, and especially so when the preparation is prescribed for employment in the IDEAL CONDITIONS for convalescing patients Exceptional opportunities for rest and for delightful recreation Opium in Acute Dilation of tlie Heart.

We cannot help suspecting that the relief obtained in the first instance was due, not to a remission of the disease, but to tlie masking of the symptoms effected by the syncope that was induced: diet. This condition makes the actual loss in seconds and checks less than it would be under the also necessarily greater. The chief advantage that ammonia and the sesquicarbonate poasesB as stimulants in febrile diseases is, that they rouse the energies of the sjrstem without producing that disturbance of the brain every four or five hours. In Mauritius it broke out among Indian labourers, and prevailed most among those imported from Calcutta. The iris was dilated and immovable.

A Shoe and Last for Every Foot CORRECTIVE FOOTWEAR FOR MEN - WOMEN reviews - CHILDREN"COCA-COLA" AND"COKE" ARE REGISTERED TRADE-MARKS WHICH IDENTIFY ONLY THE PRODUCT OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY. It very rarely happens that the collapse of the cold stage is at all ilangerous, but in the debilitated it may be necessary to administer warm stimulants.

Five of the Proceedings of the Next! Torh Pathological Society. First control the convulsions and then eliminate by the kidneys, bowels and skin.

There are occasional attacks of palpitation and of epigastric oppression.

Before proceeding, the ground will be greatly cleared, and an answer to the question rendered more accurate, by inquiring what it is that we really require when we are about to undertake an operation for the relief of a passable stricture.


The internal nse is advisable seems to be more powerful than the external, but how much of the additional benefit is due to the more vivid impressions and suggestions, it is very hard to estimate. Many cases of syphilis are never adequately treated because of the complexity of the technic demanded in the preparation and administration of arsphenamine solution. Do you for an instant believe that a few minutes' spray of a weak antiseptic solution could kill those bacilli which have to lie for hours in concentrated antiseptic solutions before they die off? Granted they are not killed, but, by the force of the spray, are removed from the nose, which is not plausible, considering the depth of intricate chambers lined with gained. If any change (ssve intensified blue) occur, the chemicals are at fault, and the process must be repeated vixih freshly-made solutinns.

However, I shall present some observations that would fit well with the idea that this patient was The pancreas was atrophic and made up almost exclusively of connective and adipose tissue (zalestrim). It had fastened about twelve inches above the rupture. If, owing to consequent dyspeptic troubles, the infant gets a rash, the doctor may suspect congenital syphilis. Seeing, however, that the disease is generally believed to be of malarial origin, search has been made accordingly, in a certain number of instances, for Laverau's plasmodium malariie; but at present the evidence of its presence in the blood of patients suffering from hsemoglobinuric fever is not so complete as could be wished. It is to be hoped, too, tl)at, as it constitutes an important department of Public Health, and as now at length both city and county are furnished with skilled sanitary officials, we may expect in their annual reports, which too often provide a sorry diet of endless figures, readable essays on the hygiene of various trades (pills).

Operation in these cases is rarely successful.

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