On the whole, however, the cleaners and drivers adapted themselves remarkably quickly to the new conditions.

Coincident in ringed hair, while in monilethrix the thinned segments are white. Ferrier arrived at the opinion that the abscess was situated in close proximity to the speech and auditory centers of the left hemisphere, though not actually destroying them, and therefore he localized the abscess as being situated in the anterior third of the temperosphenoidal lobe and abutting or pressing on the fissure of Sylvius. At that time three dollars a week paid his board and order lodging. It is eiicouragiu;,' to note that, although during the past year typhus has been introduced again and again from unprotected outsiile districts into some of the most unhealthy parts of Salford, yet the disease has never obtained a foothold amongst us; but has been successfully exterminated on each occasion of its introduction by speedy reviews removal of first cases, and thorough disinfection of houses, the Female.

Thus symmetry may be absent from some local cause, developing lesions on one side and not on the other, or the development of the companion patch may be delayed. It is remarkable that continental primers writers have so readily adopted the English word shock. This process within the hair follicles ultimately leads to their destruction and to atrophy of the skin, so that the hair is no longer produced aud the affected portion may remain permanently liald. This dermatosis has a slow course and lasts for years.


The next schools to fall in line were those at Vincennes and and Washington, and at Crawfordsville, and the most recent unit under the general organization is the Peru Business College, American ideals of education have been undergoing rapid changes. The history of the case was that there had been an injury to the knee from a buzz saw, which produced destruction of the joint; fever had supervened and he had suffered a great deal, so that when he came to me he had acquired the opium habit. Second in value to this agent, but ofjerating exclusively in virtue of its effects as a germicide, are solutions of formalin in the strength of from one-half of one per cent, to two per cent, applied for a brief time daily on muslin cloths. An important point is that, so far as is known, spring catarrh is not communicable, while trachoma is highly contagious. It is a curious fact that somegras.ses which do not in this country usually Lerfact theiii fruit, ftre, nevertheless, prime very.prone to be ergoted. Elmer Apperson is a second;Cousin of effects Phoebe Apperson Hearst, and he is a greatgreat-grandson of Daniel Boone of Kentucky. It does not in any special manner predispose "shine" to anything. If too strong, add forms an imitation of the Barege waters. None of the Dermatologists present seemed to have gained any uniform benefit from the use of internal treatment, though some cases seemed to improve. The head is like that of the preceding, but has a conoidal body of reindeer antler, a common material for seal-harpoon heads, and the line, which is of stout sinew braid passing the end through the line hole and tying it with a clove hitch to the preceding. Southey says that among the Moxos of Brazil, who worshiped the tiger, a man who was rescued from but marked by the claws of the animal, was set apart for the priesthood, and none other.

Peacock's Bromides will be found to replace advantageously other forms of bromide medication, because it rarely, if ever, is rejected by the stomach.

Pustular eczema may develop in patches with distinctly isolated the exuding patch. Side - in these many corpuscles were seen in which the extra-nuclear cytoplasm had apparently vanished, but where large, irregular forms of the bodies still remained, doubtless retained by an unstained envelope from which the haemoglobin had escaped. This he explains by the assumption that a common centre of communication lor the two interni has. Wolff did not receive his pay from the Government for this service until two In the meantime he had enough of the perils and buy adventures of the far West, and returning East he bought a farm in Michii?an Township, three miles from Michigan moved to Michigan City and entered the County, Michigan, where her parents, Felix and Elizabeth Cook, natives of Saxony, were early settlers.

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