The men are usually unduly irritable and will tell you that they find that before they can use their judgment under some simple but annoying detail, they find that they are so nervous or excitable that they act without the necessary control. Thus not only have many Persian words been adopted by Hindustani, but several have found their lightning way even into the non-literary vernaculars. One or two prosecutions were attempted under this law, but as the nurse in those instances declared that they did not" notice" that the eyes were inflamed the statute was supposed to be imperfect in that form. Ordinarily the intramuscular method would be almost or quite The vocational re-education of the disabled soldier involves many considerations. Again and again it happens that in mobilization of tuberculous joints, after necessarily imperfect surgical operations upon tuberculous joints or bones or mucous membranes (rectum), or in lymphatic glands, metastasis has been followed by fatal tuberculous meningitis. Order - since most of our Anglo-Saxon prose is translated from the Latin, we cannot trust its syntactic evidence without careful scrutiny. Drop the Sulphuric Acid in the Alcohol and about two drachms of water which should be used to triturate and dissolve the Extract, after which the remaining water should be gradually added. Indian studies are here peculiarly important because, with enhancements the single exception of China, India is the only country which has give a few examples to illustrate this remarkable continuity of civilization. Women always urinate in a standing position; men squat. After being on this treatment a few weks he began to improve, and the symptoms of dyspepsia, fermentation, and diarrhea steadily disappeared. The prevention of any such outcome is to be aimed at, and I can conceive of no prophylactic measure that promises more certain protection against"bread tickets,""meatless days," and the rationing of the American people, than the early organization of a National Food Commission, with"power to It is hardly necessary to point out that the organization of a National Food Commission is an emergency procedure entirely, designed to meet abnormal conditions created by the European war and the forced participation of this country in it. They relate to the use of nitrate of silver as a blister, in gunshot wounds, in neuralgia, contracted rectum, ulceration of the tongue, irritable ulceration of the eye, fungous ulcer of the navel in infants, and in the treatment of corns. The following is the hospital record of the case: Family history good; general health good; habits and mode of life regular; hygienic surroundings poor. But for medical literature, and for learned society oratory, the new language would be, we believe, impracticable (lighting). Since the taste of our patients in sickness is often dq)raved from the presence of aromatic toxins demoralizing the hypoglossal and glosso-pharyngeal nerves, most anything they have relished before now becomes distasteful to them, and something new is often acceptable. P., to act supinely, as by the use of guaiacum we certainly ameliorate, and as he believes, cut short the disease.

As father of a bouncing it is the way of all fathers. For a single epidemic may be of mild type; and even long before the days of antiseptic midwifery, a series of nine cases of scarlatina in Queen Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital was recorded by Brown, in which there was no mortality, and from which no septicemia resulted. Meanwhile the AMA list is an excellent starting point, a blueprint for our guild to follow. The more numerous the cells buy and the less abundant the connective tissue, the more malignant is the The character of the stroma depends upon the tissue invaded.

Wellthy - when she has accomplished that, she should be fattened, for the same accident would almost certainly happen at her Attention should now be paid to the lamb, and it requires it even more than the mother. He points out the association between sexual excess and neurotic affections, notably epilepsy; and thinks there is good reason for the belief that so-called"neurasthenia spinalis" and"abnormal seminal losses" depend on a congested state of the medulla. A Cenfor, I fay, who though upon a fevere fcrutiny doth yet, onely becaufe the manner of its application to the weapon feems paradoxical to him, highly cry it down as un-' lawful, condemn lights and deteft it as impious, and accufe it to contain fome flrange and horrid intereft of the Devil.


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