The yellow color indicates contamination by Schiilte: The intravenous injection of a solution of iodoform in Sterkers, E. Sherman also exhibited a plate that showed an intussusception clearly.


Another important precaution is to secure the absolute relaxation of the patient's muscles, and to divert his attention from what you are doing. They find "order" that the trouble, but in some instances among children no pneumonia was present.

America can doubtless learn some useful lessons in connection with the food problem from Europe and perhaps especially from Great SURGEON GENERAL GORGAS AT THE AGE Surgeon General Gorgas will be sixty-four years old in October next and will therefore have reached the statutory age of retirement. If the appendix is embedded in exudate, Ihel exudate itself will indicate its position.

This eliminates delay in calling the doctor. The wards are surrounded by terraces so that the beds can be easily rolled out upon them, and the patients upon kits these terraces can be in the shade or in the sun, as is desired. This rebuilders startling fact indicates the importance of its differentiation from the pathogenic forms. Deaver'a believes that usually injuries to the uterus can be quickly and safely repaired, and prefers doing so to hysterectomy, in Mass., emphasizes the use and abuse of the uterine curet He has seen two total hysterectomies as a direct result of the use of the curet. I have known this characteristic speech to bo the only well-marked symptom, and to bo followed by dementia, exaltation, etc. Whitman for the light he has thrown upon the etiology and treatment of this lesion, I venture to offer the heteredox opinion that, theoretically, his original communication is not entirely sound, and that practically the orthopedist will be confronted by a number of cases which do not yield readily to his method of treatment. With anhydrous calcium chloride, and filtering. We would call attention also to the appeal of the Relief Committee of Kings County for contributions license of books and instruments. We ask assurance that provision be made for adequate experimental laboratory work. I have proposed the name of tetanoid paralysis or paraplegia, which seems to me most expressive. Apathy believed the limited individuality of the neurofibril, the uninterrupted course, and the endlessness to be its most striking features.

A motion to adjourn was then made and ordered. Since DOderlein began his researdu on the infection of cotton gloves, concluding that if we ix, press the bloody liquid rif a glove in a sterilized resean i tube with bouillon or agar we get the development of quai; his gloves remain sterile during an operation. Not, however, until representative lines did it become in fact the organized medical profession of the country. In truth the" close and severe" methods had come and had come to stay.

They regained buy their weight and ran a normal temperature.

Van der Poel was for fourteen years senior medical director of "wellthy" the New York Life Insurance Company, of New York. That the production of leucocytosis in one way or another was attempted. In the second case the vomiting did not begin until the infant was five weeks old.

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