Of all situations in the body, with the exception of the lower lip, cancer of the rectum offers the best hopes of non-recurrence. Dialeip'sis, Diallp'sia, Temphtti iiitercala're, Ititerval'lum, Ititermis'nio. Reynold's case was at all similar to this, and also whether, in the other case, it is possible that embolism of some of the pulmonary vessels may have given rise to the"intercurrent pneumonia"? I have treated many cases of rheumatic fever with the iodide of potassium and large doses of the bicarbonate, and have certainly met with success equal to that reported by Dr. Mostly there were generalized muscular weakness, predominantly affecting the proximal muscle groups, and facial paralysis; but philip there were no disturbances of the sensory nerves except perhaps tingling of the finger tips in the recovery phase.

Slight internal fixation, and characterised by oscillation rising and declining in frequency in a Cheyne-Stokes fashion. When among the varied accomplishments with which men are gifted, we read in the Codex Exoniensis, (hie is cunning handy to awrite ivord mysteries, we have an allusion to this art of secret writinsr, or to its kindred riddle puzzles. If the disease have descended into the stomach and intestines, a mixture of rhubarb and magnesia, or a little castor-oil, given occasionally, The second variety, or black thrush, is sometimes found idiopathically in old age, when from the pain and cardialgia that are often complained of antecedently, there seems ground for this opinion. There is no doubt that persons predisposed to these pains, may bring them on by overloading the stomach, or taking improper articles of diet; but it is to be remembered, that pain of the head will cause disturbance of the stomach; and therefore we have no reason to suppose that the stomach is in fault. We should appreciate the fact that if the case is worth handling at all it is worthy of our best, regardless of what remuneration we prophet who did not live to realize the truth of his prophecy. Was decidedly better after the first powder, and continued to improve all day. It was lamentable to see the number who" graduate" every spring, and hang out their shingles as" doctors" who are utterly incompetent to Drs. There are, of course, differences, but basically it was a system of private enterprise giving, or trying to give, comprehensive So this then is to be my theme: To take a look at some of the changes arising as a consequence of the watermarks British National Health Service; a look at the attitudes of the patients; an attempt to review the beneficial changes, for there have been many, many good things which have arisen as a result of the British National Health Service.

The difference between fee collected and costs is underwritten as a public service by the Minnesota Heart The water value of the service to the patient is considerable. Kinnicutt: While admitting, as we all must, that in no disease are statistics more misleading than in typhoid, which varies very much in its severity from year to year; nevertheless, a very distinct impression exists in the minds of those who have most used this method of treatment of its very great value. Formulas to disguise bad-tasting medicaments are also given.


I ascertained that the animal had the glanders, and was afterwards killed on this account; that this youth was in the habit of harnessing it, and getting into a little cart which it dragged, to have a ride. Cecotomy has been used and found to be very valuable order in making a diagnosis at the time of operation. Now, as in the beginning, it constitutes its sturdiest prop. I mentioned this circumstance, as taking place in apoplexy; and it also occurs in paralysis.

Rooms at"what's-his-name" next door to"who-do-call-him." Don't fail to read the latest work on"Domestic Science" entitled:"The Pleasures of t?ie Chafing Dish" Gocke inau.gurated a new"School" of Surgical Technique in the amphitheatre. Sponsored by the Minnesota Division of the American conditioning Cancer Society. Epsom Salt in Puerperal Etiamp.si;i The Action of Purgatives G. An analogous condition has been observed in cases of lumbar and sacral myelitis, as shown the region of hyperesthesia was situated in the area of the surface corresponding to the segments of the cord just above the lesion.

An acute form of the disease has been recently described by Olshausen, e who gives an account of a case in which a of nitrate of silver, when the mucous membrane of the cheeks, gums, and the under surface of the tongue became stained of a blue-black colour, and eight days later the patient died To Fraschetti f and to Robert of Dorpat g we are indebted for the most recent information regarding the experimental investigations in relation to argyria. The melanoderma may be due to the itching buy and trauma of scratching or may indicate adrenal involvement by tumor tissue or by pressure. Dose, a dessertspoonful or more. It first appears as a flat papule or a smooth warty-like growth and may remain in this state for a long period. And in very many cases, as soon as the inflammation and hypertrophy are cured, the prolapse also is cured.

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