The syphilitic sore will be much more rapid in progress than cancer, and it will be accompanied by early and great enlargement of the cervical glands, what while in the vast majority of cases the age of the patient is in itself sufficient to exclude The patient must first be made to understand that he is a contagious element in the community, and that he must have exclusive spoons, knives, forks, drinkingcups, tobacco-pipes, towels, and the like. No one of them required morphin during the "meter" night. Hydrogens - they are certainly not implements for a physician to use, and their employment is not calculated to produce a favorable eft'ect upon the patient in regard either to the physician or his investigations. THE how LIQUOR QUESTION IN MEDICINE. The man became comfortable in four hours, and was able flosser to attend to his business at the end of three days. The same and may be said of the active principle of broom, sparteine, which is a toxic liquid alkaloid. The family history: does it reveal rheumatism, gout, angina pectoris, apoplexy, or organic cardiac if present, distended veins, pulsating jugulars, epigastric pulsation, and "moccasin" pulsating liver. In the singular of the first, second, and third declensions are in the locative case, which in park the first and second declensions has the ending of the genitive, in the third declension c or i. Wright, of the village of Waterloo, to be Associate Coroner for the county of Waterloo (poisonous). Were more attention given in to the patient during this stage of apparent health, fewer relapses would take place. All the cases so treated had made good and rapid recoveries, contrasting favourably bearer with cases formerly treated by leeching and ordinary hot fomentations. Opium is a much more agreeable stimulant, and most review patients evidently try to get back to the fatal bliss of opium. The consciousness of guilt held also played no small part in the motor transference from the psychical sphere. Recently she minecraft had a profuse muco-purulent discharge. Many normal individuals will give a plus-minus reaction at times, and it cannot be considered, therefore, as having more value than a negative reaction in the absence of a history or symptoms: order. There was marked distention on the whole left side of the india abdomen. Fischer experimented on fifteen patients in his ward, cycle but with only ten could he carry the test to conclusion. During the attack he perspires uk freely. The severe heat of the last two months has rendered frequent ablutions not only essential to comfort but also beneficial to health, and since many covalent of the houses in which the laboring classes live, and many of the better classes also, are unprovided with suitable conveniences for bathing, a large proportion of the community must either have dispensed with that requisite altogether, or have had recourse to our bays and rivers. It may be advisable to excise torn and dirty frag:ments of skin, muscle, and tendon, especially when dirt has been ground into them (together). To - as an introduction to practical therapeutics the book should prove of much value; it is both interesting and stimulating. The most rational theory of its etiology is that enamel germs of the teeth have left suflScient model epithelial cells in this membrane to become an attractive nutriment for pyogenic bacteria. My own feeling in looking at these photographs is more type one of admiration at the ingenuity and resource displayed in overcoming a great difficulty tlian of edification at the actiuil results. The first was tried oxygen to no purpose, but the second completely and permanently checked the hwmorrhage, althougli obtained in a novel manner. He did not tell us that the tone produced cooler by a contralto voice, in singing a certain note, was the same in quality as that produced by a soprano at the same pitch, but I have no doubt that, if he were to formulate bis opinion, he would say, as Dr. Edouard Muybridge has photographed an Indian blanket sent by LaFayette to France in the last century, on which horses are represented with the anatomical accuracy displayed on the frieze of the Parthenon, and recently demonstrated famosa to be faithful to nature by Mr. In the second group of experiments forty hens were inoculated with human tuberculous virus and none died; two were still living; while of the remaining thirty-eight, which were killed, thirty-three presented no lesion at autopsy, while in the remaining five, small, transparent, tuberculous granulations were found, evidently identical with bond human tubercles, as they induced disease in guineapigs; in another case, the virus was so much transformed that its inoculation into another hen resulted in MM, CouRMONT and Dor, of Lyons, read a communication on" Bird-Tuberculosis," discussing the probability of its bacillus being only a variety of the bacillus of human tuberculosis. In buy two cases no exciting cause whatever could be ascertained. Student aus der single Universitaet, Berlin, Germa?iy. At the by same time, it tends to regulate the cardiac rhythm and arterial tone, not producing de cidedly high tension or abnormally rapid circulation.


By orthodiascopy the heart was found lying flatter world than normal, an example of the"flabby heart" of Waller. He soon learned to make early applications, but always gave Nature a good He had been peculiarly fortunate in regard to hemorrhages after delivery, the life molecule of the patient being endangered in but one case.

Let me again say here, kowever, that I have never seen a case of two incipient phthisis without a clamminess of the hands that invites attention; and that I have never seen a case of apical involvement in which after three or four active forced respirations, the abnormal apex did not fail to expand equally with its more normal fellow, and in such a way as to render the difference in the nomonic of pulmonary phthisis; both suggest a careful study of the lungs from the apex to the base. I observed especially, in making these applications of faradism to the cortex, that considerable areas of it did not appear excitable at all to the strength of current employed, at least did not give muscular response anywhere, while the two comparatively narrow points above mentioned reproduced almost exactly the muscular contractions of the epileptic seizures, and seemed to stand for more" centres" than the is diagrams of those who have experimented would allow to any such narrow areas. Jonszer is inclined to of attribute to some obscure chemical influence of' the gastric and other digestive juices on the swallowed hairy structures.

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