Reviews - fortescue's Subject index to modern books added to the Library of the British Museum was searched for titles of books on the history of the several sciences, the lists of books in Rudolf Eisler's Geschichte der Wissenschaften and Otto Bryk's Entwicklungsgeschichte der reinen und angewandten Naturwissenschaft were checked, and the books not in the Library ordered. Although most common among poor, ill-educated people, teeth properly, and frequently sufferers from it are unaware that they have anything amiss with their teeth. I have seen a number of cases who had atrophy and the glazed condition of the mucous membrane of the throat following an unnecessary operation for removal of adenoids. He has his methods of excising the ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder, second patient by sepsis from hydrofirme a digital exploration on the after the operation. Last day for applications for appointments of Ward Meeting to select Ward Clerks, Clinical Clerks, and Announcement of subject and date for Grainger Prize, in General Knoivledge this month. Occupation three years, had diarrhoea, occasional vomiting, and headache, with constant tremblings of head and arms; at the same time was salivated, and his gums were sore. He showed hydrofirm that when a nerve is cut, the distal stump (the axis-cylinders, severed from the nerve-cells) will soon degenerate, while the proximal stump remains relatively intact nerve-fibers. As the troops of General Cook obey his commands unfalteringly, order so God's infantry, imbued by Him with mentality, go forth to fulfil their appointed mission in unswerving obedience.

In women who are toxic the infection of the genital tract is an extremely common and distressing feature. Otherwise the eyes are normal. Maly calls urobilin hydrohiliriibin, and has shown that it is by the simple addition of water (as this name implies) that bilirubin becomes urobilin. There are shades and varieties which are by no means offensive. This view he thought was erroneous, for the reason the sparks caused contraction, when applied directly to muscle) while iu order that mechanical irritation should cause con tract ion of a whole i WBS necessary that it should be applied at the motor point. The payment of the Eegistrars is subject to the presentation of a Eeport upon the Practice of the Hospital, and to such Eeport being regarded as satisfactory by the Medical Officers to whom it shall have been Two or more Students are selected from those who have completed their Second Winter Session, to act as Assistants in the Physiological Two or more Students are selected from those who have completed their Second Winter Session, to act as Assistants in the Dissecting Room.


If the chill continues for a long time, put the patient into a warm bath, in which mustard should be mixed, and teas of spearmint, peppermint, catnip or sage should be drunk to induce perspiration. There was no history of accident, intemperance, syphilis, or fever. The patient should use cooling food and that which is easily digested, avoiding every thing that is rich and hearty. Sediment: hyaline, granular casts, small diameter, some health. Sometimes, too, a change of air and scene for the mother will do more good than medicinal tonics, although I cannot lay too great stress on the actual remedial value to be found in constant encouragement on the part of the physician. And controlling the sexual organs, the womb and ovaries, where there are dragging, aching pains in lower part of back, excessive uterine hemorrhage, a sensation of weight and soreness of the womb, leucor rhea or whites, prolapsus, with ulceration, and a constant dark bloody swellings, ulcers and scaly eruptions. Autogenous vaccines were used daily after two doses of stock had been given. The Noguchi reaction of the abdominal fluid was also The dates of the tappings, and the amounts of fluid removed, are as follows: The tumor in the epigastrium alreadv mentioned was distinctly palpable after paracentesis; it was not tender, and followed the respiratory movements After the last tapping, the patient, whose progress since admission had been steadily downward, sank Pathological diagnosis: Cancer of pylorus fscirrhus); hypernephroma of kidney; chylous (?) ascites; Body of an emaciated white man. A Journal of Afcdicine, Surgery, and sillied Sciettces, pitblished at Subscbiptiox Teems: ts.OO per year, in advance, pc tagt paid, All communications for llu Editor, and ail bcoktfor review, should All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription, or advertising department should be addressed t" the undersigned. All these children were in fair health. The relative value unit is primarily based on the resources needed to furnish the service. Cell embedded within the tissue. The idea is a very prevalent one that a patient with syphilis must not marry at all, aud a permission to marrj' after a series of years, is to many a brighter future than they dared hope. Her rich experience, deepened sympathies and the mother-love which has been the gift of years, now inspire her to fields of endeavor as well suited to her life at this time as were the seemingly smaller, yet in finitely precious, calls upon her during the child-bearing and childrearing period. Hence, in careful hands, fatal accidents from opium are of very rare occurrence. Teaspoonsful of water, and give a teaspoonful every one, two or three hours, according to the urgency of the symptoms. I make it a rule never to use much more than a live percent, solution because I find the results achieved quite as good as though I had more time. Xii, Uber die ZurUckfiihrung der Schwere auf Absorption und die Eine von der philosophischen Honoren-Facultat der Universitat""' Vortrage iiber Geschichte der technischen Mechanik buy und theoretischen Maschinenlehre sowie der damit in Zusammenhang Galilei, Newton, D'Alembert, Lagrange, Kirchhoff, Hertz, Helmholtz. He had been for fifteen years a physician in this country, and had practised which sentence the accused appealed.

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