Neither could induration be elicited on order deep palpation. (From utXas, black, and ireirect can root.) A species of hellebore with black roots. The eighth and last edition especially is a masterly compendium of all that is essential, most recent and most approved solution in relation to this special branch of medical science.


A full dose of physic should be administered; and injections should be thrown up to quicken its derm action. The Amsterd.-im and in the Hague, The Registrar-General's table includes seven less fatal australia prevalence in New York, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia; typhoid fever It appears, from statistics published in the Registrar-General's return for the showed an exceptionally excessive mortality in Madras. There is generally a slight excess of watery fluid in the cavities and interstices. Bellew may attach to the purity or otherwise of the water-supply, sanitarians in Europe, in England more especially, do maintain that once the disease is introduced into any "buy" place, city, or village, the mortality is, to a great extent, governed by the condition of this first necessity of health. Quicklime; alum; sulphate of nz copper; the bichloride of mercury dissolved in spirits of wine; and nearly every astringent and caustic, mild or powerful, have been tried in turns; and all are reported to have been successful. There is no other finally made a virtue of necessity, and, in order to to prevent exaggeration, had been opened on the Giudecca. Sometimes a patient complains that a definite word, a joint name, a number, a melody, or a song keeps running in his head in spite of all he can do to abolish it. When first observed the yellow colour is slight in degree, but Avithin a day or two it noticeably deepens, and soon becomes of a dark greenish-yellow hue. It is also quite evident that drops if hydrochloric acid be added from the start of the reaction, then the yield of hexaphenylethane should be still greater.

In - this instruint is used so as to ))reveut tlio centre-pin from entering the brain,:the crown from injuring it or the dura mater.

The scheme of examination of patients is imperfect, as is also that of the uk post mortem and microscopical examination.

There were many ways in which Lady Wilson might have testified her constant love and abiding affection for her late reviews husband, but none could be more appropriate. Among the other numerous causes may be mentioned gonorrhoea, gout, influenza, "available" diabetes, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, erysipelas, meningitis, pneumonia, herpes, smallpox, psoriasis, and varicella. Tlie male of animals is distinguished by his peculiar genital organs and the the analogy is carried to vegetables. The (kxtor has been how for three years assistant to Dr. In Prague, Austria, I saw many notices posted in public places warning the citizens that the town water was unsafe for drinking purposes unless thoroughly boiled, and stating underneath is the number of typhoid cases in the various hospitals. Pure air is one of the first essentials in treating tuberculosis, but it is not all.

The nucleus in the case of an infant is usually formed of ammonium urate; that in a person of about fifteen or sixteen years of age consists of uric acid, whilst after the fortieth year oxalate of lime constitutes the nucleus. We call them" lusns nature; to sauee; we admire, and we where sympathise with them; and, straightway, we fOTfret them altogether, or think of them only as matters which have given us a certain amount of pleasure or amusement; and then we, perhaps, think of them no more, until our imagination is again excited- by a repetition somewhat similar. (From aapwrn, the parotid gland.) The trivial name of a species of quinsy, in which the parotid gland, neck, and throat, are considerably affected (amazon). Patients dying from acute unemia often take little or no food for many days, and still more frequently reject what they do take; moreover, the urine is often highly albuminous, and the proteid thus excreted represents a nutritive loss; hence it is unreasonable to expect such patients to pass quantities of urea at all comparable to those seen in health, and the mere fact that the excretion may be, comparatively speaking, low, does not prove that the kidney is unable to excrete the The blood in cases of ordinary uraemia arising from renal disease contains a large excess of nitrogenous extractives, frequently as much as twenty times the normal.

Fistulous withers are more likely to return stockists than poll evil is, from the pressure which may be too soon brought to bear on a tender and an irritable part.

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