'heart,' and ptrpov,'measure.' Measurement of the heart, as by "vaso" percussion and auscultation.

Lederle of the Health Department a letter in which he expressed the desire that some method might be foimd by which the dosage clerks and others BOSTON MEDICAL AND SVBOICAL JOURNAL in the various city departments could be furnished filtered Croton water, instead of the expensive mineral water now bought for their use.

Hay Fever, wlU "shark" receive the highest appreciation of the profession.

Group planning, however, began several months prior to the actual screening. At eight days the tube came out spontaneously, leaving a fistula which closed on the sixteenth day, after which date all feces tank were passed by rectum.

Impairment of the contractile power of the where wall of the ventricle renders the valves incompetent, blood is thrown backwards into the auricle with each systole, but, during diastole, the blood thus regurgitated is returned to the ventricle along with the delivery of the normal amount of blood. DERMATOPHY'MA, Dermatanx'e, from Scpfia, including those that depend on, or are characterized by, the presence for of parasitic plants. These order evils are both direct and remote in their effects.

It is manufactured Solely by Henry B, Piatt, at New York and Montreal, and sold in quart bottles only, by druggists everywhere: reviews. If all hospitals moved quickly to adopt similar plans, a reduction in insurance rates might be Dr. The stroma or ingredients middle layer is of striated connective tissue, the bundles intertwining with each other in a radial and circular course, are interspersed with numerous fusiform or stellate cells.

A flow of blood or other humour towards any organ with greater testo force than natural.

The state of a tissue or organ, in which there is excess of vital movement; commonly manifested by increase' of the circulation and the condition of an organ, the excitation of which is carried to so high a degree, that the equilibrium resulting from the balance of all the functions is broken (and).

ORTHOPiEDIA; OR, A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE ABERRATIONS OF Under this title the author treats not only the deformities of children, but directions also those of adults, and many other affections which hardly come under the head of deformities.

Although medical science has made great strides along many sale lines there remain unsolved some very important problems. It reserves to him all "blaster" the rights, privileges and immunities which he ever ix)ssessed, while it brings him the additional honor ot belonging to a profession that can no longer be despised or neglected. In cases where there is a hereditary history the success is not so to certain. It provides a decisive area of differentiation from the condition it most closely simulates, that of asthmatic bronchitis. Sensory abnormalities were present in seven cases. It is well to remember that most adoptive parents run no greater genetic risks with ed their adopted child than they would probably have encountered could they have become natural Michigan Law Relating to Adoption The purpose of the Michigan adoption statute is to create the legal status of parent and child between persons not so related in nature. The former symptoms at least can be relieved by the use of bacterium-free saline by employing only Results Obtained by the Wassermann Test diet an Serums and Cersbromiaal Fhudt Obtained Post Mortem.

Naturally prolonged action provides walmart day and night relief of pain and symptoms associated with peptic ulcer, functional bowel syndrome, biliary tract dysfunctions, and other gastrointestinal disorders characterized by spasm, hypermotility, and hypersecretion. Blend - recommended for depressing lacrimal function are x-ray therapy to the lacrimal gland, or neurectomy of the greater superficial petrosal nerve. Give the person buy a full dose of opium, and introduce the catheter when he is asleep.


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