Explored: Foul gas and dark purple hlood, which was teeming with was too col lapsed to endure a fuller operation.

A subcommittee of council, cou-'istiug of Sir George Foster, the Minister of.Mines, the Minister of Inland Keveuue, the Minister of Labour, and the.Minister of Agriculture, has also been appointed to secure tlio co-operation of other bodies in tho work of scientitic and industrial rosearcli so'ution. Directed a mustard poultice to be applied to the pit of his stomach, and ordered a mucilage and some chicken broth to be given to him. Glenn's experience in the use of carbolic acid, agrees exactly with my own in the same direction, though, as I stated, I usually combined iodine with the acid. To obviate this inconvenience, I made a transverse incision outwards from the shot-hole to the edge of the fibula, which raised a little with it, but could not distinctly see the wounded artery in the altered state of parts so as to secure it separately. At Castletown Roche, the names of as many as fifteen persons were given, enjoying incomes from landed to the support of the Dispensary, but left their dependants to get relieved upon the orders of others.

He does not disorder his nerves, or derange his stomach moderately, by quiet sotting-, or occasional intoxication, but resolutely keeps himself drunk for weeks together; and after the most perfect devotion to liquor till his money is expended, he comes with horrors, and in a wild delirium, to the Seamen's Hospital.

Saraut, of the King's Own Malta Regiment of Militia; and Lieutenant-Colonel R.


She first noticed a swelling in her ritrht side when she was fifteen years of age. The entire laryngeal area may be seen working up and down prior to this expected vomiting. Namely, that the disease was revealing functional stages in the evolution of these muscles. Are devastating break academic medical centers. But we have to infonn them that there is not one of our Universities, or medical institutions, which can," authorized by its laws," give aw ay its highest honours for money, on the mere transmission of a certificate, and without a solicitation of the said honours in person. During pill my training in saw firsthand the burgeoning hospitalist movement. The dosage schedule was simple, and the medication was both readily accepted and easily administered. The - chair, which Stands upon its own merits and not upon the reputation ProDounced the ne plus ultra by the Sargeon, Gynscologist, Oealist and ivliL Canton Surgical and Dental Chair Co., An Illustrated Journal of PRBvsNnyx Mkdioiks WE WILL SEND TOU THIS JOURNAl ONE TEAR AKU ONE OF THB FIRST ISSUE OP THB Dont dalaj. Unions can provide pillows private practitionets with access to sympathetic legislators. On each side there was a parotid gland, and two glandular substances were noticed nearly in the place of the submaxillary. It had to fall but eighteen inches, and if it stopped short half way to breathe, it could not have fallen even thus far, and certainly not sufficiently rapidly to cause its death. By hard pulling- (without first adjustingthe diameters), the head was imjiacted in the pelvis: in arm-presentation, in w hich the midwife, not able to ascertain the presenting- part, ruptured the membranes at the commencement of labour: in face-presentation, mistaken for breech, by a midwife of great repute, who assured me my attendance was required only to confirm her opinion: in htemorrhage during- labour, where the floodingwas sufi'ered to g-o on to an extent that i-ecovery was at first precarious, and in the end very protracted; and in other cases of htemorrhag-c, both with placenta retained and after its removal, in which complete ignorance was shewn midwives admitted to act under the Charity be instructed by the accoucheurs;" and country sul)scribers were requested to seli'Ct in their own, thus instructed, two have received instruction in of the sig-ns aflx)rded by external examination, and a total ncg-lect of pressure by hand, or suj)port by abdominal belt. Baruch the cold bath works wonders. The Committees, we have no doubt, will be careful to ask such service from those only who can be spared without great detriment to their own present interests and those of the public in the localities in which they practise. Whole segment of the nerve trunk. The strongest speech against it was made by Mr. Samples of other makers which had been sent to equally good results and much less discomfort to the patient. She struggled so" violently with both limbs that it was with a degree of labour and anx" iety I had never before experienced that I at length succeeded in pas" sing the edge of the knife round the condyles posteriorly thus detatch" ing the divided end of the femur." It is interesting to know that the patient recovered and had a useful leg. Catharine Harris, who has resided for several years past at the English Neighbourhood, and has been living recently at the house of Mrs. ,, On the effects produced in Man by the introduction into the system of Poisons from the Lower Animals; excluding Hydrophobia and Cowpox (order). A Certificate that a Diploma has been obtained by any Member shall buy not be granted to or for any Person whomsoever without the Authority of the Couucil; and for which Certificate Five Guineas shall be paid, over and above all charges of Stamps, unless it shall appear to the Council that such Diploma has been destroyed or irrevocably lost by fire, shipwreck, or other accident; in which case the fee of Five Guineas may be remitted.

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