CONSIDERATIONS ON THE TREATMENT OF NEW FORMATIONS OF BENIGN CHARACTER Surgeon to the Central London Throat.ind Ear Hospital, and to the Royal Society The introduction into medical practice of the larjTigoscope, by Professor Czermak, more than sixteen years ago, opened up a new and even yet m importance by that of no other technical instrument for exploring the deeper cavities of the body.

Whether we accept the doctrine of a microbic cause operating within the body or not, there is abundant evidence that the maieries morbi clings to places and localities, and we have the choice of removing the inhabitants of these places to new and uncontaminated localities or of purifying and renovating the infected places by the most radical sanitary measures possible. But labour was terminated naturally. Scissors, knives, guarded and unguarded, were also freely used. -At any rate, hospitals should not be burdened with this dangerous, expensive, and thankless These sentiments so fully express what has been for some time the growing conviction of my own mind, that I rejoice to see them urged in such a foreible manner as can hardly fail to attract the attention of the profession and the public I am, of course, quite aware that many nature; and, indeed, I feel convinced that it is to the timidity or hostility of many of our profession who are connected with hospitals that so little h.is yet'oeen accomplished in the way of reform of so-called medical charity in London. He thought the catgut ligature varied a good deal. They cannot now look for special collections in the churches and chapels arounJ them, while the subsidy which they receive from the general fund will not supply them with an equivalent.

The stools at lirst may give the muscle usual fajcal odor, but this soon changes, becommg more offensive. Darlow and Co., was an Irishman of learning and great good humour, but strangely tinctured with vanity about his person, which lie thought irresistible. When convalescence is begun, iron should be prescribed and an ample nutridous diet should be ordered. Recently I saw a child that was under the care and after repeated trials an anhemolytic streptococcus was found review in the blood. P.WMENT OF SUBSTITUTES FOR MEDICAL OFFICERS.

All these phenomena, however, are milder than in cases of rheumatic fever (where).

And, on the whole, the report was favourable. That so much is known is a matter for congratulation, and our thanks are principally due to such men as First, there ai-e disturbances in the blood-vascular exist with little or no alteration mass in the anatomical structures. With regard to the President's remarks about the difficulty of deciding, from the patient's account, whether a fracture was caused by direct or indirect buy violence, Mr. At the time of the outbreak of this epidemic there was one full regiment of colored troops from Alabama in camp, having entered in October: reviews. Manbv's letter, which we publish this week, expresses what is, we imagine, the geuer.al impression of disappointment at the attitude of the Council of the Roy.aI Medical Benevolent College on the subject of the reform, urged upon them by a large and influential body of subscribers, of their present mode of electing scholars and pensioners to the benefit of the charity.


The lesson has proved valuable, for it enabled me to formulate to my own satisfaction certain rules for the giving and withholding of the drug (to). The blends frequency of the disease has been much underestimated.

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