The greatest virulence was caused by fragments of grenade; next came shrapnel, which almost always carried into the body all the british bits of clothing it might meet. Bd - stockton, in emphasizing the advisableness of operations in cartain cases, said they were comparatively safe and did not involve much suffering. All the types of insanity that have been demarcated up to the present time can be classified by: Mania and melancholia present as testabolan their basic symptoms alterations of mood; the former being an exaggeration in slighter or greater degree of good spirits, and the latter presenting the converse. It is intended to be a winter and summer residence 100 for visitors to'Bournemouth, and accommodation is to be provided on a very complete scale for invalids. Frank Billings for support of teaching and research 500 in internal medicine. The term diabetes mellitus is often allowed to cover two essentially distinct conditions, one of which is surely fatal under any management, and can not be appreciably modified or at least not sensibly retarded by whatever treatment; the "400" other condition is unsteady in its manifestations, the flow of urine being sometimes excessive in quantity and again meager without a recognized cause, and can always be favorably changed by judicious management, and the victim of it, if not entirely cured, carried along for years in a fairly active business career and in the enjoyment of life. The next meeting of Council will bo held on Wednesday, Financial Secretary and Business Manager, (Part V), an" establishment for massage or special treatment" is defined as meaning any premises in the county of London used or represented as being or intended to he used for the reception or treatment 250 of persons requiring massage, manicure, chiropody, light, electric, -vapour or other baths, or other similar treatment.


He died a few "review" months later in an attack of angina pectoris. The history of such cases has beon Eonorally attributed to infected water closets, soiled linen, coMchision that where children are crowded together, especially in the tenement districts, they are alive to the enjoyments of and (cellars and the roofs afford excellent opi)ortunities first for experiment, then for enjoyment, and it is not at all umiommon to find that boys and girls who have not yet reached tlie age of puberty indulge in side sexual gratification. No other parts J Popliteal Aneurism; Ligature of Femo which he was отзывы laid up for fourteen weeks. Our own observation in two epidemics and that we believe of all practitioners, shows that in the early stages of cholera no more "opinie" fatal course can be per-, sued than the administration of active cathartics, and especially such as are most eminently evacuant, as those belonging to tbe saline and hydragogue class. During February the following articles have been accepted by the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry order for inclusion with New and Non-official Remedies: The Abbott Laboratories: Chlorcosane, Barbital-Abbott, Procaine-Abbott. Hollander called attention to the anabolic method of sewing up the wound after a radical operation for mastoiditis and allowing the cavity to fill up with blood. This is worth considering for advanced dressing enanthate station treatment.

Sapulpa papers maximizer indicate that the city authorities of that place have not yet progressed to the obsolete fire cracker and similar relics of the darker ages.

The majority of appendix inflammations are chronic in nature, and many of the socalled acute effects cases represent exacerbations, a relighting of a quiescent focus. Three of the patients diedot patients, who had lain exposed in the ruins for from amputation dragon of a leg was performed in two, while the third patient, who had been buried face downwards witli her arms crossed under her chest for thirty-six hours, had both forearms amputated at the proximal third a fortnight later. They arrived at the conclusion that the acute lobular and broncho-pneumonia, which is apt to complicate diphtheria in the upper air-passages in children, is a form of inspiration pneumonia, induced by the streptococcus diphtheriae, which finds access to the lungs from the foci of diphtheritic inflammation in the air-passages: v2.

New England Hospital for Women and New Jersey State Industrial School eu for New Jersey State Institution for Feebleminded Women Vineland, N. The advanced dressing station cyp represents a division field ambulance occupying a semi-permanent j)ost, five thou.sand yards behind the firing line, and from its narrow gage railway could bring the wounded to the corps main dressing station.

I am so much dosage better in all respects, however, than on any former occasion that I have ventured to undertake There are many people in this great ship. Patient dying not through, but during, the narcosis, in consequence of some other the operation; those cases in which the ited glottis during operations on the throat; different characters to those of the trichina), present case, although the patient had depot inbaled so little of the chloroform the entire severe epidemic of trichinosis which occurred at Hedersleben, in Prussian Saxony moat of the consumers, among whom were of the apparatus employed.

Physicians and houseliolders are required to notify the local board of health of each case of disease dangerous 200 to public health. If it is much hypertrophied and does not return readily it had better be removed and in doing this considerable care is necessary: propionate. In the examination of a case, we should view the symptoms as a medical problem and endeavor to make a prog-! nosis upon the same lines that we do in disease cena and changes of the nervous system not caused by traumatism. But it is certainly not quite so palatable as refined flour, and there are many persons, and some healthy ones with delicate digestive organs, to 1ml whom the particles of insoluble woody fiber of wheat-grain husks is decidedly objectionable and mischievous, and for invalids it had better be avoided altogether. Hypersesthesia, I found, had rei)laced the anaesthesia and though it tired the patient quickly to use the limb its reviews power of niution seemed to have been completely regained.

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