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They are the ones who have made in the field of medical science researches, investigations and discoveries of agencies, which have conquered some of the human suffering and prolonged life (buy). One reason ultimate for this is its simplicity. The equilibrium is soon established, but is of short duration, and as the pons varolii begins to yield, dilatation increases. It is admitted generally that the science can only have a solid foundation in Medical etiology, or the science of causes of disease, liut, then, such science involves an anterior science of very wide extent, which may be fitly termed Biology, or the science of life, because, to know scientifically how disease begins, it is necessary to know how life arises and continues. This irritability resides in animals there is opacity of the cornea, a phenomenon which sometimes presents itself in man when the spinal cord is injured, and whicii may rapidly disappear. Apollinaris and Seltzer water may be allowed, and the thirst may be quenched by drinking lemonade sw r eetened with saccharin instead of sugar. Burns opened the abdomen, and found order the tumor to be an invagination of the ileum into the large bowel, which could not be reduced. "Did you give him the powder I left?""Yes sir," responded the somatox teaiful wife. Had been hypnotized, I used to say to her, you will return to me on this day or that, at this hour or that. Ami in absolutely normal cases of childbirth it is at least possible that sisters can serve their sisters better than brothers can. Therid was no albumen in the urine, nor any proof of any other than the ovarian disease. Not infrequently moderate paroxysms of pain occur which radiate up the neck or down the arm. No one who has read of his practice and its results but must have been forcibly impressed by two facts: first, that reputed cases of rabies have astonishingly increased since he commenced his preventive and curative operations; and, second, that deaths from the disease, or its treatment in the hands of inoculators, are greatly in excess of the mortality prior to that time.


The same precautions are necessary for the beard and other hairy regions of the body. There are located some of the greatest Chinese industrial establishments such as the cotton mills and the Commercial China Merchants Steam Navigation Company. The patient must have medicines for that. But experience in the administration of an anaesthetic goes far to lessen its dangers. The work of the Association reviews gives new inspiration always. The season promises to be a most successful one, and very soon the hotel accommodations of the country will be strained to shelter the crowds which the absence of cholera and plague scares and the cold summer which prevailed throughout the world will attract to Egypt. During first three days after operation twenty-four-hour amount of urine rose but less headache and vomiting. If it be a comparatively modern race, owing its peculiarities of conformation to degeneracy, it is an illustration of what the botanists have called' atavism,' or the tendency of varieties to revert to an ancestral type, which type, in proportion to its antiquity, would be of lower grade." We hope on a future occasion to furnish our readers with an extended review of this the most important, because the most comprehensive, work which has yet appeared on the"mysterious past'' of humanity. Cold water dressings are to be constantly applied -so as to subdue any inflammatory symptoms. It may last for as long as forty-eight hours, and the patient may die of suffocation.

This has not been possible in any of the cases seen by me, but on general reasoning it seems probable.

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