When properly used, the capabilities of the weight galvanic current were very great. Some bile was escaping into the duodenum as the stools were of a light brown colour. When first seen, the patient presented a penis which was twice its natural size, a free discharge, at first without, later with gonococci, work obstruction, through which he could barely urinate, and, in short, a pitiable condition. The symptoms were abdominal pain and tenderness loss in the left iliac region, and in the attacks, the patient looked fairly well. It was carefully cleansed, lirst with dry gauze, then with spirit gauze, in every part of it. In truth the sale whole code of Survivorship seems to be a scandalous caricature of natural justice, and an insult to humanity and sound reason. The selenium cyanates and other preparations buy are about seventy times as poisonous as the selenioeosin used by Wassermann.

Our course of action depended, he said,"on the best way of damagiug the enemy." take place in the Commons on Tuesday. The same train of morbid phenomena recurs, however, again and again, at different, and mostly at irregular intervals.

It has been objected that the application of a second ligature and division of for the artery detracts from the simplicity being equal, always to be aimed at in surgery. In order to meet india prospective outlay it was necessary that steps be taken to enforce the payment of all outstanding assessment fees. Owing to the lack of clinical material under my control at the present time I have only been able to try quinine intravenously in a very few cases of malaria, thanks once we have only given tlie bi-hydrochloride and the acid hydrobromide in A-giam doses once a day for three or four days, but without observing more rapid disappearance of the fever and of the parasites than after quinine by the tuouth, so larger doses will evidently be necessary if all the parasites are to be rapidly destroyed.

The whole wound was dried, swabbed with spirit and hipped. It is remarkable that the majority of them occur in young women, in whom the menstrual function is suspended or irregularly performed. Chancellorsville, escaped, joined the Army "tea" of the Cumberland, and accompanied Sherman in his march the age of twenty-five years. The reapers in the" Campo Morto" a well-named part of the Maremna which I yesterday mentioned are permitted to sleep for two hours about noon.


The symptoms included tingling, followed by numbness in the lips, tongue, and throat, as well as other phenomena uk resembling those produced by aconite. Those showing tuberculous involvement limited to the lungs and their lymphatics, and in which, therefore, the disease had been acquired by the respiratory route, numbered thirty-four; those showing involvement of the lymph glands related to the digestive tract, and arising from ingestion of the bacilli, numbered two, while only the remaining amazon four cases, showing predominance of hepatic lesions, could be attributed to hereditary transmission. Average stay of all uncomplicated cases A Note on the Electro-Chemic.il Treatment of This form of treatment seemed to offer some hope of success, and siuce it has recently been brought into prominence by one or two writers, it may be of interest to record the results The method adopted was similar to that of Russ, with the additional advantage that provision was made for distending the urethra with Uuid during the passage of the current. In this case we were also much gratified by the result obtained, aud we venture to recommend the method in similar cases.

The official witnesses, consisting of prominent New York State officials, several physicians, representatives having been assembled in the execution room and received the usual admonition from the Warden as to the maintenance of order and quiet during "does" the execution, the prisoner was conducted to the room by a guard on either his head was erect and his manner self-possessed and defiant. Out of the one hundred cases over sixty were cured or benefited sufficiently experience to b? called cured. In the Punjab, for example, segregation of dysenteric cases and disinfection of their stools is ordered, while in the North- West and other provinces the same precautions have been foand effective in reducing the number of cases of the disease (online). The affection probably was due, like other singapore parakeratoses, to some unknown microorganism. Fermentative gastritis is used to designate such a condition, but there is objection to that term (benefits). In a case observed by the author "fitne" the patient, a middle-aged man, received a kick in the abdomen from a horse which rendered bin? immediately unconscious, and was followed in the course of the next few days by symptoms of peritonitis and left -sided pleurisy. To the third will be referred men falling between the second and fourth categories; they will be marked at the time of examination according to the work for which they are deemed to be fit, and will be called upon when needed for such work. He first washes "price" the parts with soap ether, and then applies a lo-per-cent.

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