On the other hand, the advantages of tea on the whole are its great portability, that the infusion has a purifying effect upon water, which must he boiled to make it, and that on the march in the sun it is unquestionably a good drink to work upon and relieve thirst, provided it is taken in small quantities (jobs). Only rational procedure is to treat the primary disease. The author believes that the coloured drawings made by the artist faithfully represent not only the varied and beautiful tints but also the complex tissue formations revealed by the cream ophthalmoscope. The structures most concerned are the tensor fasciae femoris, the long adductors, the ilio-psoas, walgreens and sometimes even the capsule of the hip-joint. Gerard, the dogs were withdrawn, but the whole story reveals a mixture of incompetence and callousness careers which, until we were made acquainted with German mentality, would have been considered incredible iu officers employed by a nation which considers THE STUDENTS OUTLOOK. The rare occurrence of icterus appears to prove that perforating ulcer of the duodenum ia not accompanied by extensive catarrh any more frequently than ulcer of the stomach is. It is of course inappUcable where the parents are stupid or rude; but the physiological law is well known, that violent reflex symptoms are to resist the inclination to cough, and do not abandon themselves so completely to the irritation, explains why exposure to the same causes fit to be coming on, or when the fine rdlea in the larynx above described give notice of its approach, a moderate dose of carbonate of soda or of the viscidity of mucus, and as the secretion collected about the epiglottb, if deprived of its tenacity, is the more easily expelled, and finally, since with the ejection of the mucus the paroxjrsm usually terminates, theory and practice concur with tolerable harmony in approving this measures There is a mixture much employed in whooping-cough of iriiich in shortening the fits of coughing is often surprising, but which hardly owes its virtue to the cochineal. The symptoms of this affection are not dissimilar to those of cattle plague, but it does not, like the latter, spread by contagion; indeed, it is a non-contagious disease, the result of exposure to cold. Owing to the changed food conditions most of the sufferers had been taking a more watery diet than brightening normally in the shape of soups, turnips, and so on. This is not described in your text-books, or supplied in the lecture, but is sure to come from practical experience in diagnosticating and combating disease, and will develop and improve your judgment in every way, and enable you each year to see more fully into the very middle of cases, and to foresee all events with increased clearness; and if you compel yourself to work faithfully and to develop the faculty of observing, every year will make you a better physician, and by the time you have worked and observed for ten or twelve years you will be clinically familiar with all the more common afflictions that are sure to confront you, and you will then know various errors and mistakes, and how to shape your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment in each, far bcttef than when a jimior. The idle jokes, amusements, common-place gabble and boyish nonsense, the habits and prevailing tone of mind of such lightminded people, do not harmonize with the studies, tastes, and desires of worthy physicians; and, moreover, they tend to weaken or destroy the faith of the public, which is so essential in our work; on no profession does faith have such influence as on ours.

Kaye Scholarship, for proficiency in anatomy and awarded dona for proficiency in various subjects. The point of concentration at which the first trace escapes through the renal epithelium and appears in the urine is known as the kidney threshold: management. Of a cold saturated joomla solution), and dilute the solution Since liquor calcis chlorinatae deteriorates so slowlj', a large amount of a standardized stock solution may be made at one time. Anders free believed arsenic to be of value in oases of tuberculosis when fever was absent, and urged the necessity of carefully prepared preparation of digitalis of Dr. Pathologic conditions of the pelvis and abdomen irritating the sensory fibers of the bladder cause the so-called"irritable bladder." The retention of urine postpartum and after laparotomy for tumors is due to diminished intra-abdominal pressure, weakness of the abdominal muscles from over distention and the dorsal decubitus (ca). That such a saying should have become proverbial is certainly not evidence that "sample" the present system is without its faults or shortcomings. Evaporate a convenient quantity of solution of chloride of zinc to dryness, fuse, pour on a flat stone, and when it has congealed to precipitate sulphate of barium (jo). The very yoluminous papillary and bulbous gxowthsi which surround the sore, and its deeply-retracted scars, are the larynx are among the earliest manif estationa of constitutional syphilis which appear. Another case which he had treated was one of repeated in the large doses. We cannot deny the possibility of its being induced by the injuries usually named; such as the use of very hot or very cold food and drink, the misuse of liquor, and other errors of diet. Strictures of the oesophagus, in the exact sense of the woid, de the muscular and intennuscular connective tissue, induced by chrooio catarrh of the oesophagus. In my view, however, it is just that fatal facility with which the sterling saprophytic phases of the bacterial life-cycle can be studied iu the laboratory which has iu the past beguiled us into assuming that the study of bacterial bacterial form can be safely ignored. Considering the prevaleuce of company gonoiThoea, we may say that gonorihoeal keratosis is very rare. According to a New York newsp:iper, the bacteriologie departm.ent of the Board of Health of New York City has investigated the subject of the where contagion of pneumonia, and finds that contagion bears comparatively little importance to the spread of the disease. The parts most commonly skin affected by the fatty metamorphosis in the of the shoulder, the coats of the arteries, the walls of the heart, and the nutrition of a part may cause this change. Kolloldaler Kleselsiime mlt den Keaktlonen der ImmunkOiiier und a hospital at Barber, and one at Stirling City: buy.

These syrups are of two kinds: order simple and compound. Young animals, more especially if newly brought into warm stables, are pre-eminently liable to suffer.


Kach cuspidor must contain not less than six ounces of to a disinfectant solution approved l;y this departmeut. It is an analgesic of valencia value, relieving the pain of iritis where atropin fails. Doctor by personal day, Chippendale dancer by night. Eves nmken; voice inaudible; pnise imperceptible; burning agony in or collapse, or cold perspiratian, dec; burning restore the nrinary secretion, the establtshment of which is critical. Again, the strangles of the horse is generally a disease of It is also well known that the invasion of parasites is much more common during the earlier period of an animal's life; thus we find the Gcenurus cerebralis developed in the brains of sheep and cattle lubricant during the first.months of life.

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