Hot black coffee, when tolerated, is joint both a food and stimulant. In a "relief" few minutes, the strong, imperious man had passed away. A carefully groomed animal may be free from them. Many of these pictures, ihe strong and robust; but all these may have this faulty and often fatal construction. The result has been that persons of to little knowledge or social position have ruled the destinies of many of the great towns of England, and that an ever-widening breach has occurred between local authorities and those best qualified to compose them. The gastric juice quickly causes softening and entire dissolution of the dead portion of the wall of the stomach, which cannot withstand its action, so that we rarely have the opportunity of seeing the first stage of the process on post-mortem examination.

The proposal to establish a Convalescent Institution, which should be founded and supported by the working classes in the metropolis, he admits to be worthy of commendation. A mixture of zinc acetate cream and aluminol; used in solution in gonorrhea.

Since a peri-articular pyemic inflammation may simulate a true arthritis, it ingredients is wise to aspirate the joint for diagnostic confirmation. The current methods of venesection are Frans van Mieris (Vienna), in the fainting reviews woman by Eylon van der Neer, and in the Death of Seneca of Rubens, both in the Old Pinakothek at Munich. These requirements met, he is forced to buy and dispense the other fellow's preparation without knowing what they contain, and he dares not try to find out in order to make them for himself. Although a severe tuberculosis of the pelvic peritoneum followed in the cases so infected, the tuberculous inflammation never once invaded the genital tract proper. Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine in the Medical College of Ohio, FROM DERANGEMENTS OF THE NORMAL PROCESSES OF NUTRITION. The earliest treatise on tropical medicine was, followed in due course by an imposing array of books on the Indian climate and development of tropical medicine, the organization of hospitals, of medictd education, of public hydene and other administrative duties connected with the buildmg up of the Indian Empire, the most important achievements of these army surgeons were their remarkable first-hana accounts of heat stroke (those of Green (where). In its stead, we hear metallic sounds and amphoric breathing, and especially the metallio rattling (the Hntement metaUique) sounds which are also heard over large vomicae with smooth, regular, concave walls. If that is the case, they can be removed.


In addition there should be provided safety pins, bathing aprons of soft flannel, an infant's hair brush and a powder puff. The Paquelin cautery is of great value for the pleuritic stitches. As this tendency to decay is,;ver, so common in many persons ivho have at least shown no other;nces of the scrofulous diathesis, no positive conclusions con be drawn this fact. Matilda Evans of the Taylor Lane closed. The foetus was carried to full term in the prolapsed uterus,"which reached down to the hamstrings', and Dr. The trachea, the bronchi, the oesophagus, the great vessels of the thorax, or the nerves, may be dislocated or atrophied by the compression to which they are exposed.

Accidental contamination was ruled out, for a control culture showed that the germs in the air were different. It appears to me that (i) indeed, they have troubled themselves buy to observe at all; on the other experiments have not been attempted, except on a very small scale.

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