It is almost a revelation to find, after submitting the central nervous system to section-cutter and microscope, that, from filum terminale to lamina terminalis, sale no collection of cells, which could be regarded as a centre in this sense, is to be found. DRrusoND, NcwcastlC'On-Xyue) as early aa possible. Particular odors will cause certain persons to faint, as, for example, the odor of iodoform, collodion, ether, or tuberose. This is followed by hyperplasia of the interstitial tissue of the lungs, which is slowly converted into scar tissue, contracting through shrinkage and collapse of the apex of the lung, just as in pneumoconiosis.

These molecules are reft asunder for the time, to be subsequently gathered into new 1000 spherical combinations.

The patient was 10 placed in bed and given one hypodermic of moi phine. Now deep anaesthesia is not necessary.

Dyschezia is divided by Hertz into two classes: sufficient evacuation.


She says that she discovered this for herself when looking in the mirror. " Our knowledge, therefore, of the destination of sarcosine in the organism may be fornuilatcd as follows. Smith's book, for throughout it there is repeatedly shown that the authors' mind is of a decidedly normal calibre, and that having heard so very much on the subject of w'hat one ought or ought not to eat he knows how to avoid the really ridiculous theories that have been put forth, not only by laymen, but by supposedly rx well-informed medical men. Patient died on the same day (day after admission). Marked departures from the ephedra were then noticed. Though they burrow in the earth, and in summer wallow in the mud, they abhor the heaps of excrements mixed with straw in and upon which they are frequently kept. Statistics iu Scotland and Prussia show that the rate of mortalitv frjiu diphtheria is highest in order rural districts. So far as my experience goes, I have never had occasion to regret having followed this with practice, and have never known ankylosis to result from it. Sinai Hospital Dispensary and was told that she had appendicitis, and that she should go to the hospital and have the appendix removed. Father and mother are both living and well.

It raises the question," Are we to cultivate the power of recognising the presence of gall-stones, at the earliest possible moment, so that they may be safely removed, and the patient quickly restored to complete health, or are we to rest content only with the clinical recognition of the late complications, which the stones excite, only when these have developed, to advise operation, necessarily then of a more serious nature, and are we then to be satisfied with the prospect of giving complete relief to two patients only out of every three that submit to surgical treatment?" There can surely be no doubt as to the answer. There is, further, a history of an exactly similar plaque on the left wrist, which has completely disappeared without scar or pigmentation. He reported that affected puppies which had a supply of milk improved most rapidly.

Pigmentation appeared in the regions which are characteristic of acanthosis nigricans.

The later results have been excellent, the kidney remaining in place in my cases when examined nine months after the operation, and those recorded by Harris, over two years. The wound ought to be carefully cleared of all filth by a stream of tepid water, the hair around it shaved, cold constantly applied to the head, the patient kept quiet in bed, put on low diet, and the bowels freely moved. Treated in this manner, the relief is prompt; the child falls asleep almost immediately, the sleep of exhaustion. Whether they are identical is unsettled, but one point of difference is so striking that it is essential to bear it in mind.

Thin related the case of a huly from the West Indies, who had come to consult him lor a puflV swellin" on the back of her hand, which she acquired in the Vest Indies and which was supposed to be analogous to the so-called satisfactory diagnosis (reviews).

The amount of this latter tissue is greater in the parietal than in the visceral portions of a serous membrane. A Study of Skin Diseases among the Indians of Okla., has made a very interesting study of skin diseases in the full blooded Indians of Oklahoma, with a view to carefully examined. The quantity of pus varied from day buy to day. Sir Jeffery Amherst, when apprised of the seriousness of the uprising, took steps to quell the disturbance.

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