The Hartford Society deserves credit for the enthusiasm displayed in the fulfilment of the terms of the bequest. The author, in his experiments, used the simplest means, as made necessary during the office hours of a busy practitioner. Justice Magruder, it is stated that the grounds upon which the right to extra compensation has been sustained are generally three in number: First, it is claimed that the time of the expert witness is more valuable than the time of ordinary men, and that, by attendance at court to give his testimony, such a witness meets with a loss of time. DoREN Young presented this paper, which was illustrated by lantern slides. There is, first, a group of afferent strains which represent cream the movement or motion to which we now reduce all protoplasm as we do all other matter. DISPLACEMENT OF THE BLADDER CAUSED The case I report to-day is, as far as I am able to ascertain, unique, for a faithful inquiry and. At the Conference on the Ti-aining of Medical Missionaries, held in of order the matter were discussed.


The anemic state in the last analysis was the result of a disturbance of the normal equilibrium between blood destruction and blood production and it was found that in one review group of anemias it was chiefly the former process which predominated, while in another it was a deficiency of the latter. Obtained by Rheinstadter in the treatment of uterine leucorrhoea with injections of chloride of zinc. The primary health centres in a given area would be connticted up with a shape secondary centre, which instead of consultants, or by general practitioners acting in a consultative capacity. I do not believe that either of the courses referred to in this paper are the best to It is doubtful whether all the cases of cerebro-spinal meninjifitis which meninoitis. A bill embodying such a skin policy is to be submitted to Parliament by the THE STEWART PRIZE.

As we pass, it is worth noting that almost all the behavior of the rechargeable average adult is physiologically impulsive and reflex and semiautomatic, what we may best denote perhaps as habitual voluntary action. It is said that there was a total lack of everything necessary fqr the proper care of the stricken soldiers.

Such slight bleeding as there was yielded to sponge pressure. This last complexity, indeed these two last complexities, are, at length, true symbolisms, for nothing immediate from smooth muscles and glands and cross-striated muscles, synovial membranes, bones, tendons, batteries etc., nothing at all in short from the universally moving tissue-protoplasm, may be contained in their afferent nerve supplies. The daily order list is used as a requisition on mess storeroom for such supplies as are required during the day. The In his remarks he dwelt upon the advantages of abdomina lincision, in which the probabilities of other organs having been injured were so great; as hemorrhage could be arrested, perforations repaired, and escaped fluid removed. Lesions similar to those in man could be produced in the monkey quite readily. Hilton, who had kindly seen the patient a few times in my absence, should be the only practitioner besides myself who would testify for Mrs. The extra expense would be saved to the State many times over, by the resulting decrease in criminals, degenerates and imbeciles, and by the development of a higher and finer and THE METHOD OF TRANSFUSION OF BLOOD The method of transfusion of citrated blood was first published by Hustin' of Brussels in April, on"Sodium Citrate in the Transfusion of Blood" citrate as his invention, but giving some credit to meeting of the Bronx County Medical Association, I owe it to myself and to the profession buy to recapitulate the reasons for my claim and to publish this paper as a continuation of my preliminary report.

There follows diy staring coat, embarrassed breathing and advancing emaciation.

The disease which gave the most trouble, Dr. Bhsters of any kind will usually succeed.

The nature recharge of the infection is another diagnostic aid. The author's case in which fatal hemorrhage occurred, though electricity had been several times administered by competent hands, was cited as proof that electricity was not devoid of danger, and that it was not absolutely certain to stop development.

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