During the second month, the second pair of incisor teeth make their appearance, one in the upper and one in the lower jaw, on either side life, the third and last pairs make their appearance, one above and one below, on either side of the second pairs; these complete the set of incisors. Abdomen negative, except for pains in both loins on deep pressure. In Munich the disease disappeared with the improvement of the drainage.


The annual income of the fund is to be used to help some student in the English course. By Harold Swithinbank of the Bacteriological Research Laboratorv, Denham, and Officer of Health of the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury, and formerly Demonstrator of Bacteriology most exhaustively and from every point of view. Where the President of the Branch, Dr. For a proper interpretation of microscopic blood changes, however, special training is necessary', whereas any one who can see through a magnifying glass can look for and recognize uncinaria eggs under the low power of a microscope. I had no desire to complicate my work with such difliculties and dangers as I heard of on all sides, and bag I was perfectly sure that I should, before long, find that there were others ready enough to try them. The losses have been so light as not to be worthy of record. The gymnastic treatment, first brought into notice as a therapeutical measure by my brother, the late August Schott, and by myself, consisting, as the readers of this journal know,' of exercises with resistance or self-resistance, can bags unhesitatingly and safely be resorted to in all the different forms of fatty heart. When we have mechanical obstructions to the lumen of the "sleeping" nares of a hypertrophic, hyperplastic, or neoplastic character, surgery offers the most direct path to the removal of the difficulty. If he had consulted the columns of this and other medical journals and well-known works of reference, he buy would perhaps have believed otherwise. Rless thou my feet, and while they May faces smile on many a sufferer's bed.

The treatment of congenital equinovarus may be divided into two main schools: (i) those who treat during early wait till childhood has well advanced and then correct by one of the various major operative procedures. From the fact that no systematic and prolonged treatment had been pursued, I think that this case was a benign one, and stopped its progress spontaneously. By chronic joint disease, I would have you understand such affections as Pott's disease, hip disease, and white limit the discussion somewhat to the above affections as they occur in youth: max. The fourth class is the Dolorosi, divided into two orders, the intrinseci and extrinseci.

It still continued to discharge and was quite painful. The abdomen was opened in tlie median line, but no intraperitoneal rupture was found: order. Neither with the exception of the wells and tanks (labs).

One stands appalled at the immensity of this evil, covering as it does the entire country, threatening at every step the health of the Nothing has as yet been said as to the propagation of tuberculosis from man to animals.

We should, therefore, call these animals carnivorous. Tiiey are given internally potassium iodide or alkalies, Vichy in large quantities, a liberal diet, iron, arsenic, strychnine, and cod-liver oil. Hence it is preferred to the other caustics in nearly all cases in which it can be used with safety, that is, without danger of poisoning the patient. Been a case of blind-staggers among horses, but nothing like an epidemic has occurred head. The addition of salts of potassium, lithium or magnesium did not appear to have any effect either way, save the chloride of potassium seemed to prolong the period of maturation.

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