" Experience here furnishes evidence that the dejections are one means of propagating merchandise the disease, instances having occurred where persons have been taken with it soon after having washed bedding, etc., soiled by a cholera-patient; but such persons had been subjected to the same original causes as the one by whose dejections they appeared to become infected. Crumpling and crackling sounds, also, are significant, provided they be limited to the summit on one "near" side. Trail - what class prp.itest number of cattle. This may account, in part, for the buy tendency in many of these eases to pneumonia.

As regards the curative effect of opiates administered hypodermically, they appear driving to be oftener efficacious than when administered by the mouth or rectum. It is devoid of kauai bile, and has little or no fecal smell, but emits a nauseous spermatic oder, compared by Bouillaud to that of the alkaline chlorides. Ttuee-fourtbs if ttaef have state uulf beeu coDtauiuated.

He has had, during this long interval, all the symptoms of chest effusion, and benefited by the tartar-emetic, which nauseated him, and "mountain" caused once or twice a rejection of ingesta from the stomach. He uses forceps without ether if the woman is in a band suitable condition. In the intermediate types of the animal kingdom every variety between these two extremes may be map observed.

One-thiid less than last year, all of which ia very detrimental to the industry and has eauaed haavy loss here (belize). He placed some virulent pus in the vagina, let it rest there during some time, took it again upon his lancet, and inoculated with positive results, and the vagina, submitted to the treatment of injections only, was not infected: giant. Here open up to the imagination the future triumphs of preventive medicine in respect to all classes of disease." Now, little more than ten years later, serum therapy has taken a permanent place in practice, and we stand on the threshold of a inn full knowledge of immunity, natural and acquired.


Surgery must course return upon herself; must now perfect her methods within the territory already conquered; must perforce leave off the search for new organs to invade and for new diseases amenable to surgical therapeutics, and will be obliged to devote herself to diminishing the risks attendant upon surgical operations and to the improvement of functional as well Our knowledge of regeneration of organs has been enriched by the labors of Ponpick, Padwyssosky, and others in a wonderful way. There was "where" no failure of the pulse or the strength. This kind of investigation I have not had an opportunity to make, except to a limited extent, too limited With many thanks for the interest you have taken in this little operation, and the value you have attached to it by adopting it in your practice, and in kindly offering to lay it before the profession, with your own "provincial" valuable and critical observations upon the same, THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The decline of surgery as a well marked special ground, seemed, however, unfortunate: golf.

Whether in the frozen north or under the equator, in civilized America or barbaric Africa, be the patient white Caucasian, swarthy Negro, red Indian or yellow Malay, the same accidents and diseases assail him, the same remedies save him, identical operations cure him: a new remedy discovered in Japan is equally efiicacious in Philadelphia; a new operation devised "grill" in America is equally applicable in Egypt. Park - the following passage is not foreign to the" Whatever may be the method adopted for the treatment of gonorrhoea, whether locally or internally, we must not lose sight of the fact that a certain quantity of the matter of the discharge can be absorbed, and show itself afterwards under the form of constitutional syphilis.

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