In the successful cases the operation had been done on an average at the forty-fourth hour from the onset of the acute trouble; in the fatal ones, the opera tion had not been done until the one hundred and second hour. The ulcer remains stationary for an indefinite time in spite of internal and external treatment; it may be for three or more years; without attacking the periosteum and bone, or spreading beyond The treatment should be active, glycerite of jozone and saxifraga; locally bactericides, solutions of boroglyceride, creolin, sozoidol; build up the constitution of the patient by every possible means. The castle is a fine, stern-looking old fortress, where the beauty and comfort of the interior contrast well with the strong aiid somewhat grim walls. Like so many great discoveries, it needs only to be mentioned to be understood. On examination, an irregularly-shaped, eating ulcer, with ragged or indurated edges.

If a culture from a suspected throat which presents no characteristic lesions contains bacilli looking like diphtheria-bacilli, we cannot positively state whether they are virulent or not.


It is wholly made of rubber of medium hardness and is very easily carried in the pocket. After lecturing in Philadelphia durmg where one session, J. On the right lateral sale side of the nasal region there is a tumor on the the growth is hard, immovable and painless.

Fifty drops of the morphia solution were accordingly administered; and after this dose he slept for about five hours: rhino. But no granulations, no softening of tissue around it (buy). Besides polypi, such conditions as hypertrophied mucous membrane, foreign bodies, and chronic catarrh may induce attacks of asthma, neuralgia, cough, migraine, hay fever, brow-ague, and certain vaso-motor phenomena, such as temporary redness of the cheeks and nose, giddiness, rhinorrhcea, and even epilepsy. Four other cases have recurred and have been operated upon. During the day he was comparatively quiet, though often irrational, and always jif) his mind gradually became clearer, he talked intelligently with his friends, and manifested interest in his to move about the ward. Then the right lateral boundary separating the stomach from the ascending colon should be made out in like manner. It was never too late to begin it. The restoration of those important glands to their pristine condition rejuvenates the whole man; the pitch of the voice is strengthened, the masculine elements are built up; vitality recuperates itself, and are the necessities of our age and our clime, we must not forget it, nor permit our condition to ignore it. Before beginning this report, let me say that my patients receive my constant, careful supervision in every detail of their daily lives.

He was a dashing and fearless operator and an can eloquent and scholarly lecturer. At the time of writing, I have seen for the first time a paper Health Bacteriological Laboratory at Rome, on the Preservation of Viruses in Glycerine. Gentlemen, allow me, at the risk of seeming tedious, to endeavour to bring home to you a little more closely the inference that is to be "side" drawn from these facts. Lastly, carbolic acid is soluble in a variety of liquids of very different properties, so different, for example, as water and the fixed oils; and each of these solutions "pills" has its own special value in practice, a point to which I shall have occasion to allude further on in this communication. Decidedly one of the best reme dies ever introduced, as it excites a renewal of life in the various coats of the entire intestinal tract; a sovereign remedy in the Dose: One to two teaspoonfuls to a half pint of boiling water; when cool, permit patient to drink freely. A certificate stating that the giver believed the death to be due to her improper conduct in removing the child while ill would probably have been unsatisfactory to her, and might have obliged an inquest to be held on the child, but would have been a compliance with the Act. On the nineteenth day the temperature, which had fallen, rose again, as the pus in the up for awhile. Health of Animals Branch, Warble Flies, by Seymour Hadwen, of the Farm Egg, by Harry M. A., while suffering from a severe attack of toothache, applied to the gums a ten per cent, solution of cocaine by means of pledgets of absorbent cotton.

Benign tumours may be placed Clinical Histoey. Assistant colonial Surgeon to the Gold Coast Colony, West Africa tONDOK POST Geaduate CouKsr, Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, Pitts: The Surgery of the Air Passages and Thorax in The Treatment of Eczema and Cutaneous AlTections generally.

The hoof is trimmed down, so that for the heel is not quite as low as the normal foot. One large one was mucor mucedo. At each inspiration the softened ribs are sucked in, and the space for the lungs and heart is much encroached upon. Havner, on Wednesday, the twentieth of From Office of Information.

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