"Waggett reported that he photos had found that sarcoma in tlic nasopharynx was of more frequent occurrence than was generally supposed. Or spasmodic at its commencement, may become congestive, or even inflammatory, as uk vascular reaction supervenes. The work is eminently a practical rather than a classical one. There are several to quantitative methods, most of which are altogether too tedious for use in general practice.

Ein Handbuch fur Aerzte cream und Maddock (A. ) Fraktische Abhandlungen iiber die vorziiglieheren "stretch" Krankheiten des kiudlichen GuESDON (H.)'Snr I'hydroceiihale aigue, Keebs (C. This combination will promote the cutaneous excretion, the camphor preventing any tendency to the retrocession or suppression where of the paroxysm that may exist, or that the opium may occasion.

It was easy enough to pass the instrument through an opening in the inferior meatus into the antrum, but it was impossible to get a really good customer idea of what the interior was like.


The world suffers much from the loss of a marks man of such fine ability, noble traits and splendid achievements.

And put all bed and body clothes removed from the patient therein until washed: bad. In either case the treatment should be "buy" modified by the age and constitution of the patient.

In every case of intestinal dyspepsia the milk should be taken regularly for a fortnight after before it is decided that no beneflt is being obtained.

Two attendants are always and better than one in handling a broken leg. ; Pulmonary Hemorrhage, Spitting of HEMORRHAGE FROM THE "trilastin" RESPIRATORY ORGANS.

From an review article in the Archives Ital. The ulna, on account of its superficial location, is often before the seat of explosive exit wounds.

Boiling bones and dead animals until after a, careful inspection of the locality, buildings, "old" and apparatus, and of the plans for conducting the business, by an accredited Inspector of the State Board of Health.

The tablets are crushed and taken with a quantity of milk sweetened with sugar, or in fx syrup and water, or with bread and jam, or farinaceous puddings.

He says that while cocaine does modify and mitigate the phenomena of opium abstinence, its effect is only transient and of brief duration; he regards it of trifling value hgh orate paper, the results from its hypodermic use in two cases of opium inebriety, that were satisfactory. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia is described as being very extensive; almost every shrub, leaf or root, being adopted as an article of Materia Medica: mark. It seemed a pity to remove the vocal cord if it could safely be left behind, and in this case the growth was removed with a good margin of healthy tissue (for). Irrespective of metallosGopic investigations, the value, in chronic spinal diseases, of the preparations of zinc, silver, and other metals, has long been known. Les injections sous-cutanees k eflV t local depuis hypodermic injector; a substitute for the hypoderiuic schmerzlosen "reviews" subcutanen lujectiou niit Bci iicksichtigung hypodermatiscbe Injectionen. Spontaneously into vs the vagina, rectum, or pelvic or abdominal wall.

The reaction to induced current appears about normal, perbajjs slightly increased.

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