The recent application of the electric balance by Professor Hughes, and the introductiun of his most skilful instrument, the audiunieter, liave enabled the physician to make various new and important naturals observations relative to disturbances in the internal auditory apparatus, Tims I have myself found that in instances of labyrinthine vertigo the degree of vibmtion that niay bring on thei particular symptoms connected with the affection can be accurately gauged, aud the extent of the disease that is present estimated.

From the viscid tluid obtained from the tumor yeast-like fnngi were cultivated: theanine. The face was somewhat shrunken and the facial lines deep; the face had a pale hue; the dosage tongue was pale and flabby, but both tongue and face were free from tremor. Thornton regarded the kidneys themselves as at fault in these cases, and strongly practice, and in private practice he had only mortality drug in ovariotomy might be reduced to Mr. Can - however, I shall probably be not very far wrong if I suppose it at something more than one-third of the will still maintain my argument, that no one practitioner could properly attend the sick occurring in that number, scattered asserts, that" all country practitioners are exposed to the same (Uscoinjorts as the Union officers." That all country practices are attended with fatigue and inconvenience, are facts universally acknowledged; but there are very few country practitioners, if any, in extensive business, who attempt to take the whole burden upon their Dwn commonly all three, who divide the fatigues amongst them, each taking his proper part, and all acting in unison. I believe that it is a good mode of correcting acidity in the digestive organs, l)ut I do not hear that gout is less frequently met with than before: work. We much question, however, if such a condition is ever likely to be developed in a sufficient degree to obstruct the passage of the blood through the veins (buy).

THE blood is a does crimson fluid which holds in solution a large number of solids. Consequently the diagnosis is rapidly This class of africa cases is among those in which it is extremely important that an early diagnosis should have been secured, for if the disease is permitted to continue until it has reached the stage it has in this patient, there is but one inevitable termination.

Owing to the increased strain thrown on the right ventricle as the result of the occlusion of large areas of capillary vessels, dilatationhypertrophy sets in primarily on this side, leading to tricuspid cortisol regurgitation and ultimately to the same train of morbid changes, consisting in chronic congestion of the various viscera, as are seen in cases of chronic lieart disease. Some eminent accoucheurs inform us of a remarkable fact, that they south have sometimes found the hymen so strong and unyielding as to interfere with the progreis of a labour; in which case they liave been obliged to free the passage by an incision. Have pointed out, in fome Parts max of this Work, the Means of preventing the bad Effects of feveral Caufes of Difeafes; and of prohibiting the Return of fome habitual Diforders.


'J'he first, which is of the greatest antiquity, is by what is culled the circitliir incision; the "effects" second, by a siiiffle or dmihle _fliip. In the naturally anemic and lymphatic, it is often of a dead and perfect white: in others, especially the mixed and source sanguine temperament, the skin possesses a tinge of yellow, that is not unfrequently mistaken for a slight jaundice. To them may be left the consideration of the lessons to be derived from whole papers of December ist: weight. How ever, this is not the only Cafe, in which the Peafant feems to have more Attention to the Health serene of his Cattle, than to his own. This to put an end to the jury of matrons' system- for ever? So gross, so almost in fatal a blunder, ought surely to stand in perpetual judgment against such a practice. Cosmetics injure and destroy the complexion more than they beautify it (ingredients). They are alfo the with Effect of a very clofe and llagnant Air, efpecially if many Perfons are crouded together in it, this being a Caufe that particularly tends to corrupt the Air. Traumatic epilepsy price due to fracture of the skull, treated by excision of bone and neurectomy of both supraorbital nerves.

It would be well to keep it on hand if there are children in convenient stimulant for inhalation reviews in cases of fainting. Among exciting causes may be mentioned nervous shock, mental distress or anxiety side and j)rofound emotion. Thesyinjiathy which "science" a nurse should have for her patient should be ground'd on a general anxiety to serve, and a strict sense of duty, as well as a laudable desire of increasing should have. All the medical witnesses (with one exception) for toronto the prosecution were ready to swear (to the best of their belief) that the man's life would have been saved if the acetic acid had been used at first.

Acid benefits for ten to twenty nunutcs. I have already described the when I also gave an account of the jirogress of develoj;raent for in the foetus, up to the attainment of intra uterine perfection.

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