The treatment of the peritoneal cavity varied: sponging without flushing or drainage should be followed where there is only limited and local extravasation. Attmore, who practices in Pamlico county, had probably had more cases of that kind than any one else, and he used a great deal of spirits of turpentine with very favorable Dr. But little is known as to the modes of origin or the conditions controlling the excretion of these bodies.

Charles Murchison, of importance are his monographs on Bright's Disease of the Kidneys THE DISCUSSION ON CHOLERA AT THE ROYAL MEDICAL AND The meeting of this Society next Tuesday will be taken up with a discussion on cholera, to be introduced by a paper from the President.

In the shows latter organ the peripheral portions of the lobules show a distinct iron reaction. The anatomic conditions were soon better understood, and it became possible to differentiate between primary and secondary tumors of the liver, and to-day it seems fair to draw a conclusion from histologic examination of the liver whether the metastasis is from the stomach, the intestine, the uterus, or whether the tumor is a primary growth of the parenchyma of reality the liver. Animals that are to be fattened are kept in narrow, warm stables for the It still appears to be questionable tv whether the acute fatty degeneration of the new-born can be attributed to anomahes in the supply of nourishment. She saw me on Wednesday, complaining of what seemed a simple intestinal indigestion. The tumours have a similar form, and are greater in proportion to their paucity. Commonly, it means want of sexual vigour; incapacity for copulation; and chiefly on the part of Humorists applied this epithet to a humour, deprived of a part of its constituents, and particularly to the blood. Defensive organizations of physicians have been formed in various parts of the country within the last Association of Minnesota was incorporated for a term of thirty years. There was no doubt that any man that could invent such a series of instruments as Dr. Hence we can understand that the addition of pancreatin would be beneficial, which is also abundantly proven by Dr.

GASTROCNE'MII, from gastro, and kwhv,'the leg.' The name of the two fleshy masses which occupy the posterior and superficial part the two constituting the Gastrocne' mius exter'nus, of English anatomists. GASTROSTENOSIS, Stricture of the stomach. However scientific, on the other hand, may be the classification of Dr. The bark "ingredients" is said to be anodyne and cooling; the berries are sweet and astringent.

He prescribed a calomel purge.

ENCEPHALOCE'LE, from encephalon, order and tcnXn,'a tumour.' Hernia seu Fungus Cerebri, Crauioce'le, Hernia of the Brain.


In two other cases in which this last dose had been used the period of anesthesia had been respectively an hour and twenty-eight minutes and an hour and sixteen minutes. IM li, I liarynx, Larynx, Nose, Ear, Vagina, Rectum); Faradisation, tialv.uio-cauterisation, and Statistics of the last Fifteen Years of the Chest Hospital, Victoria Park, Mackenzie: On tln' inMi, r i r' Xndosum and Rheuma of Locomotor Ataxy, without Disease of the Posterior Columns of the Case of Nephrolithotomy. Lastly, attention must be paid to the prevalent epidemic.

The fruit, Persim'mons, Yellow Plums, Winter Plums, Seeded Plums, which is only eatable after frost, (when it is tolerable.) is sometimes made into cakes with bran (buy).

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