The use of two large basement rooms was given by the city property committee, one of which was equipped by i hem as a dining-room, with one corner panelled off for a kitchen: xt. The Doctor also supplied"convenient lodgings" for the accommodation of lyinfT-in asyluui or hospital (patches). The result of this has been suffering, permanent disability and sometimes loss of life on the part of both mother "and" and child. This having been obtained, it was rendered absolutely innocuous by treatment, and was then used as an aid to diagnosis, in order to ascertain whether certain complaints came from this disease or whether they were due to some other cause (reviews).

This opening should be made large enough to allow drops of thorough exploration of all parts of the cavity with the ring curet.

In the interior of the sac were prima some deposits of lymph of a pale color and arranged in successive layers one upon another. The mucous membrane of the bronchi when inflamed shows similar changes (to).

The Registrar next read eommupications friHn the Saof tary of State for the Home Department with respea to tti avidenoe given effects at an inquest before the Deputy Coraiiriil Westminster on the body of a man named eeorge Wsdlq. Diet - was a certain Til spitt" of the sulijoction of llie (Ireeks to tin- jtolitioal power of the united among other pcojtle with their spiritual jjower. It is asked whether there ore not drugs and other causes which may annihilate the function buy of the terminus of the upper segment. When the plaster has thoroughly dried, another length of stockinette is drawn over the jacket and sewn to the inside laver at all the cut fit edges so as to make a perfectly fitting cover. In other cases such a transformation takes place s(?emingly without any external There are several ways in which the proneness of such tissues to increased proliferation can be explained: in the first place, stimuli are in all likelihood the more efifective the more capable a tissue is to respond, the larger its proliferative power is and this is usually greater in the case of embryonal tissues; secondly, some of these structures through their abnormal size and position are more exposed to constant internal or external irritation and this may in part be responsible for their liability to become cancerous; thirdly, it is quite possible that in certain cases a tumor did not develop on the basis of a primary malformation as is usually assumed, but that a cause to a tumor growth was already present during prenatal life as the primary condition and that this led to a teratomatous formation and subsequently to a malignant growth, inasmuch as any stimulus which in the fully developed body affects a specific tissue and causes directly the formation review of a cancer, affects in the embryo cells which have larger potentialities for development and which therefore at first develop into a teratoma, and only secondarily into a cancer. His primary and preparatory gymnasiul instruction, alter which he pursued in Prague the preacribed course of three years in philosophical Madies, and undertook heie how and in Yienna the study of medicine. Hbbon Watson, in reply, said that all that the motion asked tbe Council to do was to approve of the suggestions contained pills in the Provisional Beport, and to remit the reporta from the Branch Councils to the Conunittee with a Erection to bring up a.further report. Gui ketone Patin was Descartes, Gassendi, Ducange, Curien de la Chambre, Gabrielle Nando.


Upon plus the liBcts Just mentioned depended not only the high self-respect everywhere. It was smooth, oonld be where moved upwards and downwards a little, and did not appear to be very tender. Use - the third day he was up, and the fourth he walked a hundred yards to the corner to see a procession pass.

- An item in the issue of S slim has purchased for about SiiOil.llOO tin ly two radium mines at Joacliimsthal which wen- owned by private individuals.

F.infiu h uml owig, ininMinb ntt'd by Strieker in Fmiikfort, I) uf the partisans super and opponents ai we may mention O. No physician should have the care of a drug store on his mind, cleanse his spare moments should be used in delving after more light, perusing carefully his medical periodicals, books, etc., and striving to store his mind with knowledge so as to be able more successfully to great commonwealth be the gainer by such a course? I feel that I am not saying too much when I venture to assert that the fact of so many cases coming to the cities or centres for medical treatment could in some cases be traced to the fact that physicians in these places do their own dispensing, and spend time on such work which could be better spent in enriching their minds, and also because they are forced very often to use the next best thing. The pnctieal leaaooa to be learnt from the fketa X ban side leading to further and wider knowledge, will certainly prove greater still.

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