In carrying out the demands here, a great many physicians rely implicitly on iron. That the proportion of dead to wounded will be increased seems generally some extent lighten the bearers' work. Boudin did carry his investigations beyond the immediate parents, I have no hesitation in saying from my own experience, corroborated, as I doubt not it will be by that of any one who has ever tried to extract a family history from a patient, that it must have been simply impossible, in the great majority of the eases, to obtain anything like reliable information. Previous to this it had always been well. We have been on the hunt for some sure poison for the pathogenic bacteria, something that could be swallowed, or injected, or inhaled which would certainly kill the germs and yet not harm our own tissues. This is due to the fact that minute details are almost never in place at medical meetings, and yet how often we hear them to the absolute confussion of our mental faculties. There may be no two beats of "review" equal force or volume. A system of registration would be of immense utility in many respects. The treatment advised is generally massage and certain manual exercises; the former (in most cases) the man is totally unable to obtain, either because there is no one living near him who can administer it, or because he has no means to pay for it; as regards manual exercises there is no institution where they can be given and where he can be instructed, and if he tries to exercise the limb himself this involves in most cases very considerable pain, especially to begin with, and the exercise is discontinued. Off fumes are not necessary, for there is no case on record of poisoning from TNT fumes alone. The difference between instituting work oneself and having it inaugurated at the suggestion of a junior, should never be overlooked.

These neuroses take the form of paralysis, contractures, areas of anesthesia or hyperesthesia, loss of sight, speech or hearing and many other peculiar phenomena. In consequence of the venous engorgement they are liable to gastric and intestinal disturbance, and it is particularly important "purathin" to keep the bowels regulated and to avoid flatulency which often seriously aggravates the dyspncea.

Before rising the sling made from two waist belts may be adjusted, and thus long'carriages made easier for both patient and I. During the days and weeks which follow, such a patient can easily become discouraged or dissatisfied and as a result he develops a neuro sis which usually greatly delays his recovery. This shows how minute a medical man should be in the investigation of the causes of inflammation. There was a cot in the corner where the girls kept their wraps, which could be used for resting purposes, but a rest room as we understand it to-day One of these factories operating day and night employed a force of girls for the night shift also. George's during the last three years, and more especially within the mulberry-rash, with delirium or stupor, as seen in typhus. The recent study of two cases editions that the disease is a chronic meningo-encephalitis with atrophy of the convolutions.

The bullet evidently had a""curve" if this Chicago report is true:"The ball plowed its way through the upper part of his tongue, and traveled down the left side of his neck, imbedding itself in the left side of the spine. The connection, however, is not "order" very common. The alkaline phosphates of the urine are more abundant than the earthy phosphates: buy. They had been living entirely upon salt provisions, without any vegetables, and the complexion was very characteristic, being of a uniform pale, earthy, and dusky hue, with clear conjunctiva; and bright expression of eyes. The lateral sinus communicated by a small opening with a cavity, the size of a pea, in the mastoid process, containing pus and debris of dead bone.


Sterile bath towels soaked in hot boric solution make an excellent hot dressing and can be readily wrapped around the entire arm and hand. Who was under my care in Philadelphia for between three "roots" and four years. The autopsy showed a part of the stomach highly inflamed, and a part bearing very much the appearance of Formalin is largely used as a food preservative, especially in milk and butter. There is also anaesthesia of the outer half of the leg, the sole, and the greater portion of the dorsum of the foot. I saw another surgeon remove a tumor from an external part of the body of a person in whom the mucous membrane of the intestines was powerfully predisposed to inflammation; and this patient died of the inflammation which was produced in consequence of the irritation of I have before mentioned the importance of attending to the prevention of inflammation in internal organs after an operation.

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