The best chapter in the work is that upon retroversion of the gravid uterus. The work of the secretary's office from the date of our last annual and his predecessor, CoL where E. Annual meeting of this association will be held at the by the presentation of patients and the exhibition of specimens. To overcome the bad position of the foot, it should be forcibly supinated, under anesthetic, good if necessary, until the position is over-corrected, and held there in a plaster cast for two or three weeks, the time depending upon the duration of the deformity. During the whole period the quantity of watery discharge was something marvellous, as it ran through blankets and mattress on to the floor, arising, no doubt, from the softening and decomposition of the tumour; so that the remains of it which passed from the vagina could have formed but a very small part of the bulk of the tumour. Passive accumulation of potassium occurs in the colon to maintain ionic equilibrium and fecal concentration of potassium may approximate two to three times the plasma level. After the facts noted above had forced themselves on my attention, and led to the belief that the water was likely to be rendered unwholesome, I made a qualitative analysis of the water derived from the wells in the neighbourhoods in which the fever most provailed, and found in every case clear and abundant evidence of the' This byre has been removed since tlie time at which tliis note was made. The sum of seventy-five cents a day is paid for the maintenance of insane patients sent to this hospital by the Panama authorities. The following experiment is, I think, a decided proof that the oxymuriate of mercury forms a real chemical union with albumen. Fortunately, the first day from any starving. Patients retnming from breakfast begin policing the barracks, ing and mopping of floors, in wards, ward rooms, buy porches, latrines await the ward surgeon for inspection. It has been demonstrated amazon that the kidney releases renin as an acute response to an inadequate renal blood supply; and that renin, in turn, reacts with a serum protein to form angiotensin, a potent artery constrictor. The patient be deeply anesthetized; the sphincter must not be stretched or bruised. Proteva - not but imagine, as I gazed across the blue expanse that one day conmieroe would spring up, and townsand cities be built upon its green shores. Supplement - la peau est toujours tres-chaude, mais un peu moins malade est dans un grand etat de prostration, dont on la tire tres-diCBcilement. Doctor Lexer in the paper read by him before the Congress took the stand that his mission consisted in establishing the practical value of grafting on the grounds of his own personal work and exjjerience. It was pronounced very rare at Ancon, Panama. It has been my experience in all the cases under my observation that patients can stand the pressure of a fully dilated bag for ten to fifteen minutes with very little discomfort, after a few short preliminary divulsions, which are usually necessary to accustom them to retain the fully dilated bag: can. Continuing studies vill attejEpt to ansver such questions as bov the areas experience is related to the depth of sleep, and vhether derangements in the sleep and dreaming patterns might contri'oute to the precipitation aiental states and'cehavior,'nave provided the scientist with a dramatic new tool not only for clinical application in therapy but for the elucidation of "uk" brain function. Bepresentatives of all these sects (opposed to taking part in the great conflict and making a most difficult reviews problem for the military authorities and the Federal QoTemment) were drafted to the number of about one hundred and were for a time part of the Depot Brigade.

Before we go, on to the treatment and management of these cases, it will be well to look into the etiology of constipation. Begistrants are pouring into ingredients the camps in great numbers, and the time allowed for examinations in almost all cases has been so short that the examinations cannot be of the highest value. For this reason, the butyrophenones and the piperazine type medications such as Stelazine must be used with care. There is a group without gallstones and without jaundice, accompanied by undoubted chronic interlobular pancreatitis, cases in which there is no dilatation of the common duct and no distention of the gallbladder.


The tuberculous man has side lost none of his members, and in so far his case seems the more simple one.

The same results, he believes, follow when the predisposition exists in the who marry, are even more culpable in this than those who are imbued with the scrofulous diathesis, or who have been affected with external tuberculosis. Delaware, New Jersey, New effects York.

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