The coats of the duct were much thickened, and its interior was filled with a deposit of a firm nature, resembling coagulable lymph. Noble Young order suggested that a copy of the minutes be sent to the permanent secretary of the American Medical Association; which was agreed to. Ostertag differentiates tuberculosis and the bodv. The child which was partially putrescent, had been removed, My efforts were immediately directed to the hemorrhage, which by means of pressure, cloths saturated with cold water and ice, was arrested advantage in about five minutes. Keep in a nice level paddock, and give food which tends to make bone, as lime water, cod-liver oil, syrup of phosphates, oatmeal, etc., to foals, and a cure will often result. For obvious reasons, the name df the place where this extraordinary case occurred, and the name of the reporter, were suppressed. "The hideous cruelty of dissecting living animals, or inflicting on n.ation which for ages past has been nobly distinguished by the courageous and unsanguinary character of its people. When large it will be fatal in spite of us, and the best that the patient can expect is permanent palsy (and). Advantages - in a short time he would be capable of giving good and wholesome advice to persons visiting his spring for the recovery of health. For this purpose carbolized oil forms a nice lubricant to the sheath, and the various preparations of creolin, such as Jeyes' Fluid, etc., arc patient, draw out the penis, and remove as much of the by dcatrization. Rases of colic that recover, the paroxysms become shorter and less frequent, as well as less violent.

But the contractions continued so strong that no impression could be made, and an attempt at podalic version was the only alternative (enzymatic). With respect to machines, they havi been condemned by very able surgeons; but ic may be worth while to inquire whether they should be so absolutely proscribed as they advise. In the Medical Gazette we read a paragraph headed a low chair, a stout student mounted a table, and pulled her arm horizontally, and then upwards. If you consult the systematic works of character, you will he disappointed if you expect to find this case provided for. After placing the limb in the position we have named, a bandage is rolkd from the hand to just below the elbow; the olecranon is then pushed down towards the ulna, the bandage is rolled above it, and it is thus secured. Would the most able of the recent authorities on death as resulting from typhus fever or relapsing fever, unless certain characteristic anatomical lesions are found in the dissecting-room? All of these writers declare that these diseases have no pathognomonic It was asserted by the author of the Address in Obstetric Medicine, that"pathologists believe that they have torn to tatters the view" that the disease we are now discussing"is an essential fever peculiar to puerperal women, as much a distinct disease as typhus or When? how? where? Show us the proof. It may be laid down as a rule that in acute processes the columnar cells desquamate and proliferate, and naught but round cells are found lining the bronchus, this has been specially emphasised in the previous article. When the pus was clear, and studded more or less with sanguinolent threads, that appearance indicated the probability of a satisfactory recovery; but, on the other hand, if, on the first day of its removal, the fluid possessed a colour like the yolk of egg, while on the succeeding day it was thick, having a pale green hue, and emitting a fcetid odour, it was likely that the sufferer would not recover, but shortly die.

Calculi may be present without any other abnormal condition. HiUiard) Lcitcr's Hj-podermic Syringe (Six Figures) REPORTS TO THE SCIENTIFIC GRANTS COMMITTEE BEING THE JOURNAL OF THE BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. He gives a case and adds: When we consider the fact, that uric acid may disappear entirely from the urine, and that oxalic acid is not normally present: Is it not fair to conclude that the uric acid must, in the normal condition of things, undergo decomposition in the body? We find that by adding an excess of permanganate of potassa to uric acid out of the body, it is directly converted into urea and carbonic acid; and that when the oxidation is less complete, it passes into buy the form of urea, oxalic acid, and carbonic acid. Koob moved to approve the minutes of the previous iry i meeting as printed and distributed. J., a youth aged iS, admitted to the Denbighshire Infirmary last autumn. He did not complain of paiu DR. But, as the custom of appointing nonprofessorial examiners, and of giving them a large share in the exa Mateiut Mcilica, I'raclical Phatuiacy, Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, and Forensic minalion, is now generally adoptcl in all the cases where professors arc also examiners of their students, the jioint.seems to the Committee of less importance than formerly.

A number of fine incisions are seen around the whole body. Hemorrhagic pleuritis is seen during hemorrhagic diathesis or during defective resorption of the fibrinous exudate, when a large formation of new blood-vessels in the fibrin takes place, giving rise to haemorrhage. All unnecessary pulling, etc., should be avoided, the operation being performed as gently as possible.

The difference between the respective bacilli.

The of the patitnt appear unnaturally bright; ausculta reveals, usually, an increase in the number of heart-bi aa well as a change in their character; the mouth is h( than usual; the ears and legs are alternately hot and ( and all the general indications of pyrexia are present; bowels and appetite are irregular, and when hyd INsricnnlit rrsulta, a linKtrinK death is the only termination controlled by the administration of opium in soniH of its every four hours until relief is nfft.rdid. Having by these means discovered"both the motion and use of the heart and arteries", he proceeds to enlighten not only his friends, but the public also, in his anatomical lectures, after the manner of the Academy of old. These indications are fully acknowledged in ordinary surgery; their application in the domain of dermatology is, however, not yet quite so well recognised. Within the first hour of the new-born's existence tiie feet and hands were observed to assume a sort of light slaty colour, which at first sight had more the appearance of tl)e mottled hue of health than that of.


Acute glanders is usually a very rapidly progressing septic infective disease, which is accompanied by gangrene of the respiratory mucous membrane and by metastatic formations in the skin, lungs, and other organs. We then ordered four grains quinia and one-fourth grain of morphia, disadvantages to be given every four hours, which relieved him entirely from hiccough.

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