Sir Charles Wood should have set his face so determinedly against any improvement in this respect.

Nor did the Legislature question the continued existence of this right of the Medical the charter of the order Medical College and fourteen after that of the University, (during which period many diplomas have been granted by these schools) the the license, by attachino; further penalties to the attempt to practice without it. It is proposed also to erect gymnasia in the The diet is very liberal, and is largely contributed to from the produce of the farm. Our knowledge has been limited and indefinite because only a comparatively small number of the cases bitten xlt by rabid dogs develop the disease and so we have no definite standard for judging the efficiency of treatment or prevalence of the disease. After considerable after experience in perineorrhaphy, Dr. On section this was seen to be prolonged in the form of a cone in the centre of the tumor. We are happy to announce that the King of the Belgians has just conferred the title of Surgeon Extraordinary to his Majesty, together with the Cross of the Order of Leopold, on BIr.


The large intestine ingredients was distended with blood-clots. On purely physiological grounds, therefore, if only one-fourth or one-sixth of the amount of air is required in a state of rest, a canula bearing this proportion to the normal lumen of the air pa.ssages should aff'ord ample room for the perfect performance of the respiratoryfunction without the least eflfort whatever.

Then the irregular, intermittent character of these discharges favored this opinion. There was no side desquamation in rotheln. Deep sloughing did not occur in either case, except before the hands, arms and forearms. The disease may occur at any age, however, and as instanced by the IMien observed, the first evidence of the infection is a split-pea sized nodule that slowly breaks down and later ulcerates, the transition period resembling a fungating pajnllary growth. Habit, and so did pills all the apothecaries. Diphtheria either killed by asphyxia from mechanical obstruction to the entry of air into the lungs, or by asthenia flora the depressing influence of the general disease, or from uraemia, or from cardiac failure. In a thud case sulphuric acid may develope the colour of the urohncmatin better than either of the others. The late Lord Langdale came to Cambridge as a student of Medicine; he renounced physic for mathematics, and was rewarded with the highest honours of his year. No trouble in voiding pelvis upward nearlj' to the umbilicus, and freelj' movable laterally. Solutions of peptone are precipitated by those metallic salts which effects throw down other proteids, also by tannin when the solutions are neutral. Has been made to epileptiform symptoms in one of the cases.

University College; Kenyon, George Arthur, St. The relative drjncss or wetness of different seasons of the year showed no very apparent connection with the fatality from diseases of the scarlatinal group; but a year, on the whole wet, almost invariably xls corresponded with low mortality from several or all of the members of the group; whcrca-s, in being that the same rule did not apply to sraall-pox, measles, whoop ing-cough, or typhoid fever. There buy is not much chance of relief from osteopaths, chiropractors, and masseurs. If they use it as an end in itself, they will "reviews" gain but little. In this case I was compelled to devise some other means, one which would maintain the position of the fractured bone and at the same time leave the lower jaw free, so that the mouth could be open for the purpose of breathing.

Buxton promises to deal with the question of payment results by patients, hospital finance, and the importance of unity of action. Roberts's arrival, he found her under the full influence of the poison: pictures the slightest noise or jar produced violent jerking of the muscles, accompanied by starts. At the end of the second week erj'sipelas of the left side of the face, extending up onto the scalp developed itself but ran a mild course. This should be followed by a dose of oil or calomel. Aside from this admirable feature, a wide familiarity with the best current literature on the subject at hand is obvious throughout, and the profusion of good illustrations make the work a credit to its author (xl).

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