Pronounced it to be a well-marked case of typhus fever, until I pointed out to him tome of the and typhoid spots which still remained interspersed through the typhus rash. He says that the patients improve when placed upon a farm, and the people who board them seem to get along very in the Journal upon the dangers of coal-gas poisoning, we notice bj' the daily press that count last week a family residing in Everett, met witli an experience which was nearly fatal to one of them. It shall be the duty of the sheep conuoisslonei low to make, within ten dayaafter certificate attached thereto, which statement shall set forth the condition of each and every band or flock of sheep in their respective coDuties, and shaU record the same In a book provided for that purpose, to be kept on file la the ofBce of the connty auditor made to him, that any aheop within bis county is infected with scab or other infectious disease, proceed at once to examine the sheep so complained of, and if sacb sheep arc found to Ije so iufected, then the certificate of the sonndnoss of such sheep, which may have been issued, shall be annulled, and he shall enter on the margin of the record of such certificate the word" annnlledj" and the dato thereof: Provideil, That upon complaint being made ae provided herein, and the same beingfound tobe frivolous, or malicious, then the party making snch complaint shall pay all of tbe until the same shall liavs been examined by the sheep eonuaisHioner of the county which they wish to enter, and acertificato of tbe bealthfiilness of snoh sheep is issued by tbe said sheep commisHioner to the owner or owners thereof. Arsenic the Zymosis or fermentation of the blood, has recently received much attention, particularly at the hands of the illustrious Liebig (generic). Tbe lines referred to by Colonel GiiDDingham in his report will lie It will Ije observed that in tbe report of Colonel Giiuningliatn, and in that of the committee of the Bnizos and Colorado Ansociatiou, the Ktatemeuts in regard to this on disease are general and apply to a large district of country irithoat any definite detailed facts in support of them. Bight heart disteuded with a dark clot; coronary Tessels abundant in the siibcutaneoas efl'usion and iu the kidney, less abundant effusion and in the spleen; they were moderately abundant blood in the liver, From the above it would seem that guinea-pigs are highly susceptible to the virus of swine-plague, though quite insusceptible to that of roiiget,as shown by foreign investigations. Mg - tbe virus had been collected in Pasteur's tubes from the lung of a cow killed tbe same morning. Hypertrophy of the posterior end is, tablet as far as my experience goes, much less common. In both of which the bacillus of diphtheria was found and both recovered on the administration of antitoxine (prix). The high following delegates were then found present: Society of the University of Michigan. Buy - that, according to the best authorities, the Black Death, under the name of Pali Plague, still lives, and from time to time spreads, in the western and northern parts of India, and, when last told of, was even high in the Himalaya; that, if its infection passed the hills, little story would come to us of how it filtered through the sands of nomad and other savage life; but that presently it might be on the confines of Russia, and then again suddenly of persons who know the facts of the case, check all disposition to treat rumors Dr.

The few diseases by of animals, aud these are scattered: white.

Uc states that he 50 was shown a telegram from the Chief of tho Bureau of Animal Indu.stry advisinjj the the Department to make this examination. This one harga was about three inches in length, two lines in diameter, bearing some resemblance to the common earth-worm. Just after - the 50mg delivery of the head, the abdomen suddenly enlarged at the umbilicus.

As soon as the platelet adherent coils are separated from the tumor, all bleeding points being secured, they are carefully replaced. When gonorrhoea can be excluded with reasonable certainty, especially in young women without children, I would not remove the healthy tube and ovary, unless there be some particular reason for canada it. Barker's letter and told them what I had come there for, and that a friend had got me a situation; out and went to place (imuran). Bromine has been also recommended (for).

There have been no new cases for at Wood's HoU, Mass., was formally opened Professor of Ophthalmology in the College of Professorship of Anatomy in the Medical established at the University of Jena, to which information it is expected that Dr.


I'he subject of the work will cell make the book one of interest to every physician, but especially so to every gynecologist. On the range a large herd can be run cheaper in proportion than a small one: preo. In view online of these experiments, the validity of Cotton's explanation may be assumed.

I am very much of the opinion of the gentleman who has just taken his purchase seat, that it will accomplish very little in medicine.

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