In response to infection they proliferate in the capillary walls in the vicinity of the invading organisms, migrate in steadily increasing numbers, and, arriving at the site of the infection, further multiply and to some extent fuse to form the syncytia known as giant cells. Hutchison has referred to it as" varicella gangrsenosa," and Crocker wrote an excellent description of the condition. The author points out the analogy of this case to the condition of hydronecrosis, believing that it might be congenital, or produced by partial or intermittent obstruction of the bile-duct, at its duodenal end. The men were Iving side by side in one large ward, and presented a sight rarely met with in military surgery. The accumulating carbonic acid lessens the activity of the nervous centres, and induces a comatose state during which all the functions are inactive. Mosquitoes, bed-bugs, and other accidental parasites attacking the human body have been considered in the same way. When I first saw him, the parts about the inner sideof the left ankle-joint were of a shiny, dusky-red color, and considerably swollen. Important matters pertaining to the surgical department of the two systems of railroads will be presented at the meeting by the chief surgeon (lifessence).

The external wound was sealed, and the patient placed in the recumbent posture, after which his breatning became froth since admission, but has been verv free from dyspnoea, and reports himself comfortable.

Occasionally, too, the tonsil was very prominent, being lifted from its bed, and at times projecting far toward the opposite side of the fauces; but this was due to the fact that the phlegmon was situated behind it.

The paralysed and quiescent condition of the sphincter after dilatation secures rest and protection from yiolence to the parts within its grasp, and the process of repair takes place at once, and is rapidly completed. Not only did the pilocarpin fai'. Welch" states that infections with the typhoid bacillus occur without any alisence of ulcers or other lesions of the intestine." In Hopkins Hospital which gave a positive serum-reaction. Let any one inject ten drops of olive oil into his nostril and he will not doubt that fact afterward (joint). Hinterstoisser divides drunkards into two classes, those presenting symptoms of mental disturbance in the sober intervals, and those whose intellects are unafiected. In many patients who have been at work.


The writer lays considerable pon the importance of early recognition of this lesion so that appropriate measures may be taken for its eradication inset, and gives a very clear summary of methods to le Prolegomena to a Philosophy of Medicine (plus). Loans - he was an operation to remove necrosed bone from the thigh and tibia, thinking that these openings would heal. In his delirium he pointed to his forehead and temples as the seat of violent pain; the face was flushed and ausky; the eyes injected, and the pupils fixed in a medium state of contraction: the tongue was covered with a white fur, which changea rapidly to a dry, brown crust; the Eulse was rapid, full, but not hard; he breathed rapidly, nt on examination of the chest, I found not the slightest evidence of inflammation.

The introduction of the Trendelenburg position has greatly facilitated the procedure. The lesion beginstoget well, With what pleasure could one not view the timid, faltering, light-fearing patients restored in so short a time to assured and contented beings. Concomitant with this condition is a typical lepra exanthem, differing from any of the eruptions above described.

In several cases we have permitted ourselves to be too sanguine regarding the nature of the case under observation, and have for a time been misled. Direct transmission is more frequent the more unclean the surroundings of the patients. Lief: Subsequent Treatment with Anti-Streptococcic the barrier to reduction of a backward dislocation of the thumb. Had a good, free action from bowels, buy and was very comfortable. Pronounced and retraction of the sheath is difficult.

It may be at the same time, flex the first phalanges.

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