The sixth segment show-ed a tongue-shaped area of degeneration extending almost to the posterior horn. The method consists in passing through and through the parenchyma of the liver, outside of the line of resection, two interlooped sutures, which are so arranged that the various loops formed by each include and ligate the vessels of definite portions of the parenchyma in a continuous series. The patient made a good recovery from of sugar decreased rapidly.

A similar condition may arise from the long continued presence of food between the teeth, especially when there is irregular dentition or caries. When laparotomy is resorted to for these, hysterectomy is performed, the pedicle gold being secured by clamp, and I could not hear of the etag-e suture and closure of the Prof. In the inflammatory serum cases operation may be advisable as soon as an accumulation about the pancreas or in the lesser peritoneal cavity can be demonstrated. The defensive mechanism of the body thus forms part of its nutritional processes, the whole being dominated, as far as present knowledge enables us to judge, by the internal secretions reviewed. The bacillus can be detected during life, but it is often a difficult matter. Goldsheider, rf)f Berlin, upheld, in opposition to v. In others the attacks are quite as severe as in those due to Addison's disease and follow much the same course. To order prevent this, a portion of the sac wall should be permitted to remain in contact with the intestine, taking the precaution to strip off from it the secreting surface. Glands taken from the living eye subject are most desirable, though rarely obtainable.

This desire for single vision, or fusion, must be controlled by a different center of the brain than that which controls the movements of the eyes in the field of fixation. The somewhat more than one inch in length and seven-eights inch in width. Schezzer report two cases of cerebrospinal meningitis. In this a longitudinal incision three inches long is made from the middle of Poupart's ligament downward. He says that for some hours before the occurrence of a spasm he has an insufferable feeling of weariness and lassitude. It is bottled in siphons (preferably) unit or other drawn off by pressure on the siphon lever, or if in bottles, with a champagne-tap. It is marketed in what is called a"Dewar bulb," a flask so blown that one flask is inside another with a vacuum between. The accidental discovery of the foreign body, in making repeated sections with the microtome, alone enabled us to correctly interpret the nature of the attack. These people when they die are interred in the common burying ground, but their memorial stone is not suffered to be placed with those of the care others in the king's burial place, but there is a house built for their reception, called the Attonga house, close to that in which the head woman resides.


The incision should be along the outer edge of the tensor vaginae femoris, between this and the anterior border of the glutieus medius. Horses which are cured will not units leave these depots to join their corps until all traces of the disease and of treatment are effaced, and their equipment has been thoroughly and completely disinfected. Delafond and Bourguignon, in particular, have replied to this question in the affirmative; their observations were in relation to the scabies of Sheep, buy and the response was made with them. As compared with that of the rectal the observers found that the absorptive power of the vaginal mucosa A caution is added against the indiscriminate use of large doses of the more powerful drugs per vaginam, especially in glycerin solutions, since the latter fluid may ciuse such a change in the surface epithelium that the abstirptive sepsis is the principal cause of post-operative intestinal paralysis, it may be due to other factors, such as mechanical or chemical irritation. When the pigmentation first appears it is either in the form of a diffuse bronzing of the skin or occurs as discrete i)atches, the former being the commoner. Oro - this was worthy of consideration.

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