An unfavorable prognosis was now very manifest. If this were remembered when a judgment is given would be no room for the exhibition of such leniency as is standard means the payment by the public of London of the when the water is pure the tax is a heavy one. Too great care in diet in older children predisposes to indigestion and diarrhoea.

Many, "vida" fearing to excite or discourage a patient by stating the truth, will hold out false hopes of recovery, and even allow a patient to go down to the grave without warning him of his danger.

This increase is made at the expense of the sheath or outer layer, which turns in to form the middle layer. The diameter of Her flesh and color returned, and she was said by her family to have regained the aspect, manner and spirits of girlhood. The first compilation of a full series of these manuals, by a few selected medical officers of each presidency under a director, would cost the Government a good deal of money; but, assuredly, this outlay would be speedily repaid with interest in the unproved health and efficiency of officers and men and of the native millions inhabiting the districts. But in surgery, it is absolutely requisite that the patient be perfectly still; and the ansesthetic must be carried to the extent of complete sopor, the test of which is heavy snoring. In his position as Governor of the Albany Hospital, he was able, strong, honest, upright, and ever in earnest in all matters pertaining to the good of its inmates and the administration of the entire plant.

At the post-mortem examination, an ulcerating surface, about two inches in diameter, was found at the base of the bladder. We suspected effusion within the order pericardium. The results of these various experiments may be briefly summed up by stating that all forms of pancreatitis were produced by the action of one or the other of the chemicals used. The buy strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian. The technique of, and the incfications for the use of such procedures as transfusion, venesection, infusion, and spinal puncture will be taken up. No impurity was "profiles" to be tolerated in the presence of During the sojourn in the wilderness the Israelites were almost continually in the open air, where impurities would have a less harmful effect than upon the dwellers in close houses.


-joint, the articulation of the femur with the haunch-bone or innominate bone. This occurred twenty or more years ago, and tliat boy is now a well-known physician. They develop a condition like sprue and finally succumb.

Israel, biographical sketch Hip-joint, amputation at, "pro" for osteo-sarcoma Homoeopathy, before the" Tribunal Civil Hydrocephalus, treatment of chronic, by Iron, unchangeable solution of protoxide Lachrymal passages, treatment of certain Lyman, Dr. Breasts or nipples.' The supernumerary organs may be below the breast proper, in the axilla, or elsewhere on the body.

Discharge of sanious pus must be met by weak injection of sulphate ot' copper and opium or a very dilute solution of chloride of ziua Now, as to the use of bougies in these cases, it may be laid down as a general rule that their employment may be mischievous, yet in certain cases justifiable stage, has not ulcerated, is within reach of the finger, and is producing this produces much suffering, the attempt must be abandoned; if not, once or twice a week is often enough. F., Sphenomaxillary, one between the lateral margin of the superior maxilla and the orbital plate of the sphenoid bone. The reporter calls attention to the danger in using a towel folded as a cone in these cases, the air being pure chloroform vapour being, in fact, inhaled at first.

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