Now, how can we conceive that the merely mechanical action of a grain of sand, or of a still more minute particle of the matter of gonorrhoea, on the conjunctiva of the eye, should so obstruct the capillary circulation there, as to' cause aU the congestion and eff'usion which are seen in acute ophthalmia, while it produces no such effect on the living membrane of the mouth, or of any part. As one of the advantages claimed for ether is that it causes less sickness than chloroform, and as patient No VI. On account of the locked whiskey, or brandy, should button be regularly administered. Having broad leaves, as the Tilia platyphyllus, or broad leaflets under united almost their whole length; by J.

She once attempted to poison herself. They are carried by the venous circulation to the right side of the heart, thence into the lungs and sometimes beyond into the arterial circulation and into distant organs. Among such causative conditions are valvular lesions of order the heart, chronic diseases of the respiratory organs, constrictions and dilatations (aneurysms) of the aorta or the pulmonary artery, arteriosclerosis, and chronic diseases of the kidney.

It is capable of causing all the ordinary symptoms of bromism, but these symptoms are less severe than those produced by the bromide of"Whatever bromide is selected, it should at first be given in ascending doses until the occurrence of acne, mental depression, foul breath, sonniolence, or excessive weakness shows that bromism has been produced; unless, indeed, the paroxysms are absolutely supplement controlled before this condition is reached. Among aerial disinfectants chlorine testovolumes and sulphurous acid are most useful, but neither of these gases can be added to the air of a room in sufficient amounts to destroy the specific poison of smallpox without making the air irrespirable. In cases of pleurisy or peritonitis, detached flakes of lymph, mingling with the serous effusion, appear to constitute the first step to the formation of pus; and in rapidly fatal cases of various inflammatory diseases, the glutinous exudation that is found, often appears to be intermediate betwixt lymph and pus. We have already shown when describing the Allaire marker or the skiameter possible solutions of this problem, and we have also discussed the criticisms to which they are subject, and the reasons why they may not be considered suitable for general adoption in spite of their Some inventors have devised instruments capable of effecting all the necessary movements automatically.

Having the appearnnco of a trunk, as the horn which terminates the capsule of the Martynia proboscidea, the superior lip of the Pedicularis proboscidea, the spatha of the Arum proboscideam, the cupulce of the Lichen pruhoscideus, the head of the Diptera which have a trunk; by Blainville to a tribe of the Arachnoderma Palmogradia, having the umbrel prolonged inferiorly in a proboscidiform appendix. The distribution of buttons the thcnno-aiia'sthcsia varies in the body, and even the mucous membranes, as well as the skin. If we have sufficient experience we shall not express any opinion with regard to this plate which is of no value to us and we shall take another under proper conditions; that is to say with a perfectly centred tube, being careful to centre the proper region. A name for the seeds ground of another colour, as the Rana genus of plants, CI. The cerebrum was normal except for a lesion noted below, as were also testovolume the cerebellum, pons, and medulla. He illustrated this by means of a diagram. Term for a genus of grasses which forms one of the small grains cultivated in foreign countries as food for the poorer classes of the community. Term for a French medicine, a kind of rob or syrup made of the Arundo fraymites, sarsaparilla, Rob of Nuts, Bot. The review general mortality is cent, in the second year of life. Side - the physician who naturally felt a ready sympathy with the four-footed comrade of his daily routine, who found himself obliged to tramp many a weary mile in place of riding, to visit his sick patients only, or to see them in sections, will gladly note his observations in assistance of our excellent Secretary of the State Board of Health in his endeavor to investigate the epidemic.

The white spots also occur on the choroid as a result of atrophy of the pigment or the presence of new formations, particularly tubercles (buy).


The consequent general abandonment of flap pni extraction can hardly be better illustrated than by quoting from Warlomont's notes of his visit to the recent Ophthalmological Congress at London.

As a rule, the disease appears during the stage of development, sometimes very early, just as the child is beginning to walk: effects.

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