Natural - the inhabitants of rural communities are entitled to just as good doctors as those who practice in the city.

Paofessob Haffeine has telegraphed to the Government of India that, after microscopical and bacteriological examination of ten cases, the identity of the snoozes Bombay disease with the bubonic plague is undoubted. It has also been used in the same disease, by injecting it into the veins, as a stimulant, and powerful restorative, and likewise with the view of replenishing the blood with the saline and aqueous constituents removed by the excessive discharges from the bowels. Common early mistaken diagnoses they found to be Pott's Disease, review Neuritis, Angina, Sciatica and Hysteria.

Then, and not till then, gradually introduce pressure. The pus continued to flow for about a week, and a month afterwards she left Edinburgh, having made an excellent recovery, and declaring herself to be freer from pain and uneasiness than she had been for years.

The latter part of this doctrine is, I apprehend, erroneous; for if, after the air-cells have for a time been the seat of inflammation, they become unfit for function, and no longer exercise it, bloodletting can be of no use to them by relieving them from function, as exclusion of light and rest are to the inflamed eye and joint. (e) It should possess great powers of penetration. Snoozies - i think this method will come to be the common one in civil practice and in civil hospitals, where, probably, conditions like fractured femurs will be all aggregated in one large ward, and the apparatus will be there available for frequent examinations.

With decrease of fever occurring gradually during the first week, together with return of consciousness and a steady decrease in the actual and polymorphonuclear differential count, made every alternate day, the outlook as to life was good despite the fact that headache and neck rigidity persisted. I tlien passed a catheter into the bladder, and I intended to retain it there, but it produced so much pain and irritation that it was necessary to withdraw it.

Constipation can be relieved by warm saline rectal irrigations given Vaccinia is an eruptive disease of cattle the virus of which, inoculated into man, produces a pock at the point of inoculation, together with constitutional changes which render the individual more or less immune to variola (order).

Perhaps the most important point must be left still undecided. All tliese circumstances in the previous history of the patient, should be inquired into and carefully weighed, ajid the exhibition of remedies governed accordingly.


The medical snoozy officer then gave him instructions for making himself fit and he was told if he was still un-fit by the tests in a fortnight, he would go up for a board, and possibly be found unfit for flying. In some of these cases "snooze" of ozaena I have felt that there was disease. Not in the stress of work be statistically Any portion of the respiratory memront rolled, nevertheless gave highly brane which is covered by alveolar air aid sugaaatlvo results. They are caused by straining and the passage of very hard, dry stools, and other causes (sleepytime). The other papers of the first volume have undergone less alteration. The fluid within the swollen joint is, upon excitement, secreted in such quantity as to tighten the enlargement. Grasses of all kinds contain the least possible nutriment in the largest possible bulk. At the necropsy the left lung was found expanded to full inspiration; the surfaces were smooth; at the inner anterior margin of the upper lobe were several firm areas, the largest about the size of a walnut, grayish to bluish in color, with distinct puckering of the surrounding pleural surfaces. " When several of these flies are conflned in a close place, they have a particularly strong, musty smell; and I have observed both sheep and horses, when teased by them, to look into the grass and smell it very anxiously; and if they by these means discover the fly, they immediately turn aside and hasten to a distant part of the field. We bile we mean bile that apparently comes from the gall bladder.) We have succeeded in nearly all cases in obtaining In the past twenty-six months we have given this treatment from fifteen to eighteen hundred times, securing bile in nearly all cases, except when there is a pyloric stenosis sleep preventing the tube from entering the duodenum. The sudden elevation of the head is, in the animal, expressive of every unexpected emotion. The blood culture has been sterile in these In such abortive types with marked clinical evidences of the disease, especially in the presence of an epidemic, serum should be administered after free drainage at the time of diagnostic puncture. The oxygen absorption of blood from which the serum had been removed and the corpuscles well washed and suspended in normal salt solution, has been compared with that of the untreated, defibrinated blood -ample in which the leukocyte count was properly controlled. I have seen rabbits motionless, breathing tranquilly, and evidently fast asleep, who could be roused so as to take a few steps, or eat a little cabbage, and then, overcome by drowsiness, fall asleep again. The control of the bladder and rectum may not be snooz complete. If all our feeding experiments pointed in the same direction, this would be corroboratory evidence for the influence of glycogen.

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