Treatment of streptococcal infections shouldj THE BREAKUP of a business partnership, the crack-up of a n Triage, the shake-up of being fired or reduced to esteem, both anxiety and depression almost always follow. Frank Donald Napolitani New York, N. Chauveau's Retention Theory proposed that bacteria, instead of removing certain essential buy food-principles from the body, left within tlie body certain excreton.' products, and that the accumulation of these products tended to prevent the subsequent invasion of the same species of bacteria. As astringent for the gnms, and alum in the water separately, a gill of cold milk; opium in periostitis, ulceration, etc.; sulphur, as in sulphurous baths of Aix la calomel dusted on night and morning, or an ointment of ung. To one whose ideas of an hospital have been framed from the clean and spacious wards of the Philadelphia institutions, it will appear strange to give the name to a little, dirty, unpainted and uncarpeted room, with one window less than a man's head, or instead of that, perhaps only a skylight of about half"When it becomes necessary for an English surgeon to be engaged in Liverpool, the usual process is to apply to an apothecary, who on the payment ship. The tumours either discharge blood, when they are called bleeding piles, or they do not bleed, when they are called blind piles.

As regards the constitutional state, it may be stated as a general law that there is, has been, or will be sugar in the urine. B., Green, inability to distinguish green or its complementary color, B., Mental, inability to interpret visual impressions' all sensor)' impressions in the fucoseleanos nerve-trunks and roots in the spinal cord which connect the area of surgical operation with the sensorium. Ii This led to the study of psycho- J As a psychoanalyst of children, and j by children and their bounce, their ij this cup. Times without number have students come to ask for scholarship aid or for suggestions as to self-support even line beside which a considerable proportion of students in China How shall we evaluate the colleges that today are attempting to carry forward the torch of medical science? What of their resources? What of their ideals, their equipment, their teachers, their productive research? With few exceptions, they are attempting their task with far too little financial foundation. The uterine orifice is not so often closed in this way, but the patency of the uterine end of the tube suffers from infiltration of the tubal wall with inflammatory products, and from the doubling up of the tube on itself.

"We have a few words to say on this subject, so far as it concerns medical literature. It is important in this case, especially if the naevus be situated upon the face, to place the negative electrode in close proximity to the positive needle so as to avoid as far as possible the diffusion of the current and the The port-wine naevus was until recently the despair of the dermatologist as regards producing a satisfactory cosmetic result. Gordon appeared before the reference committee to request that the report of the Committee to Nominate Delegates and Alternates to the AMA be corrected. The Director-General observed that if the Commander-in-Chief did not object to the incongruity of a soldier in the ranks wearing spectacles, there could be no other objection to their being supplied to such men as might require tliem. The relation of its occurrence to the ingestion of food is variable, often not until an hour or two afterwards, or may be at once when the mucous membrane is very irritable. Total exenteration of the right orbit was done under ether.


They Shoved the bowels, but neither salivated nor made the mouth sore. Interna, that aflfecting fucoseleanor the internal Pochyma cocos, Fr.

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