We were delayed in the first place by MSS.

Bartholomew's Hospital; King's College, London; Surgeon-Dentist to King's Police Force, and Surgeon to the Metropolitan Free Hospital; Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Academy Christ "revivers" Church, Oxford; Lecturer on Comparative Surgery at, St. If the tliimble was continually filled, and as rapidly emptied, we had a succession of static discharges which formed an intermittant electrical current.

If the condition assumes a chronic form, with stift'ness of the flexors, thickening, of the tissues, and pain on motion, employ hot- and cold-watei: douches night and morning, the water being poured from a distance of three feet, and between the douches use fifteen grains of an ointment composed of two drachms of ichthyol and half an ounce of lanolin. If the sus pension cord is: long (say hung from the ceiling), the angle can be increased and the foot of the bed elevated until the pull is far beyond what is necessary. It is quite impossible that the man who begins a science should finish it. Although the faecal discharge was not excessive it was quite evident that the fistula or fistulse would not close of their own accord, and that a coeliotomy would be necessary to effect a cure, which was accordingly done The elliptical incision was made as in the "buy" previous case. Two years later an epidemic on a smaller scale occurred at tlie village of Scotter, in Lincolnsliire, and was investigated by Dr. Cameron believes this difference to be due to emanations from the filthy soil. If they are unripe they may cause serious damage.

Eoger has further demonstrated that rabbits, which are relatively refractory to quarter-evil, lose their immunity by exhaustion and fatigue; and Eodet and others have established an acquired disposition by inducing a general anaemia by artificial loss of blood. The relations and position of this mass testimonials are clearly defined between the two hands. EspaƱol - this remark applies with great force to those surgeons practising at a distance from our lavge cities, as the opportunity of refreshing their The work is too well known and appreciated by the profession to need any comment. As an irresistible impulse to a deed, especially a crime, may be suggested to the hypnotized, is erroneous. Some persons and some families seem to be especially prone to these upsets.

It was at Ferrara that he died. If operative interference is indicated, the interni should be advanced, and in cases of divergence excess the externi should be Chapters viii and ix are devoted to a consideration of the anomalies of divergence and sursumvergence. On admission to the disturbances. Paresthesias order of the left side, worse at night. To express these statements in more explicit and exact terms, we have the great solar plexus centrally situated, from and to which nerves pass associated with the various viscera, and the pain which is produced by over-stimulation of this central nervous system is reflected to the surface of the body in the epigastric and umbilical regions. Of its etiology nothing certain is known. Tertullian speaks of medical science as the sister of philosophy, and has many references to the medical doctrines discussed in his time.

Be content always with something less than is necessary to make him feel quite satisfied. Segond uses a single layer of silver- wire sutures passing through the whole abdominal wall. No satisfactory explanation, however, has as yet been offered of the extreme susceptibility of puerperal women to the influence of pathogenetic micro-organisms. Unless otherwise permitted, on individual petition duly approved, every student must take each semester at least one course open to graduate students In the first year of his graduate study each student is required to attend a minimum of four formal class, lecture, or laboratory exercises a week. Crisp on nasal two-thirds of the inferior and reviews superior recti. Empyema, successively on right and left sides in a case of double Enteric Fever, diagnosed during life in a case revive of continued fever Excision of portion of tarsal bones in a case of Talipes equino Extirpation of the kidney for calculous Pyelitis (T. Our tents are absolutely improper, inadequate for this war. In the library of the College of Medicine may be found files of journals, monographs, separates, and standard texts supplying nearly every need and works of reference, various monographs, collections of separates, and files complete or approximately complete files already on the shelves. The spleen is frequently enlarged and injected or congested, though rarely soft; the kidneys are generally pale and cloudy, and microscopically they may show evidence of epithelial necrosis, fatty degeneration, or even of actual nephritis. Together with the usual Dietetic Preparations en and Antidotes for Poisons.


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