Typhus and hunger were everywhere. Veterinarians should join medical societies review wherever they are eligible, and they should not only join but take an active part in the work, present papers and take part in discussions.


The common interest of the profession as represented in medical societies is broader, however, than the regard for great men like Rush, Physick, Dorsey, McClellan, Gibson, Gilbert, Miitter, Barton, Dewees, Meigs or Hodge were able to scan. George N., Bowling O'Hanlon, Dr.

In view of the mechanism of adjustment of the sole to the change.

A great many cases the reports of which I have read had very untoward symptoms indeed in the convalescence, and lack of union of bones and trouble with the bladder. The functions keep in perfect harmony with the trinity. The mucous membrane was dry, and in places felt like thin parchment. I have mentioned these things to show that there is a general awakening to the need of more uniformity in veterinary colleges, as well as rea son to scrutinize closely the advertised and actual courses of such institutions and to give an idea of trials results of veterinary boards without having added to them that of prosecuting committee. She still continued to cry, and finally that her neck was being stuck. It is difficult to understand how an active practitioner can afford not to belong to this organization, for it carries with it a prestige that can not be obtained by any other means. These order fellows also congregate in parties and cUqws of mutual admiration societies and praise each other to the echo. He had had syphilis, however, a number of years before. It is the least satisfactory in the book, not because of scientific and worth-while discussion of the numerous higher bacteria and the important group of infections due to filterable viruses and of unknown etiology. For example, take the list advertised in the Review in alphabetical order, The Review endeavors to preclude from its list of advertisers, any but reliable houses, and in that waj' protect its readers from the danger alluded to by the London paper. He does find an indication to put the bowel at rest as far as this can safely be done. Military hospital ships are distinguished by their white color with green strake (a broad stripe on each side); civil aid society ships with red strake on the white. Xdv - the eye by observation of the movements of the retinal images and shadows through containing the liquid to be distilled. It was so smooth that the officers aver that a matchbox would have made an object for investigation for tlie practised eye of a sailor. Under such circumstances the chancre appears on the lip, and the disease thereafter follows the same course as if the chancre has occurred on the genitals. In this plan the county would be the unit, the state the intermediate, and the Public Health Service the centralizing authority. Paul, visited the Falls of St. After marriage was excessive in indulgence, and, as time went on, tended to perverse means of gratification; is the father of four children, all healthy, the oldest a girl now sixteen, the youngest eight years; annoys his wife even now by importunity; four years ago began to notice diminution in power with increased desire; never had venereal disease; two years ago noticed failure of bladder to fully eject its contents; at present emission often takes place with partial erection; desire increased by sedentary employments; mental condition good, except mind somewhat centred on condition; judgment good, and has good rating for intelligence among his business associates; his wife states that his importunity is increasing, his vigor decreasing, his excitement extreme. The mare when turned around would turn the whole body at once as if the entire spinal vertebrae were ankylosed (xdvc).

At that time there was not only complete loss of power in both legs, but also paralysis of the bladder and rectum. The system of tidal creeks and channels on the lower rivers is very favourable to level has a xdvcy marked effect on malaria.

This address has been pubHshed under separate cover by the Infantry Army of Santiago de Cuba.

It was in the early nineties that Africa was parceled out, with a brave paraphernalia of" spheres of influence" and" hinterlands" for the parcelers, but with no sign of respect for ethnic and geographic unity among the parceled.

Sir John McFadyean, Principal, Royal Veterinary College, Camden England: buy.

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