Delay may convert an undoiMedly lenign tumor of the hreast into a most malignant growth. The finest point of the thermocautery, heated to redness, is then inserted to a depth of about five millimetres in three or four spots a few millimetres apart from one another on the tonsils. In no long time, moreover, other morbid states of the uterus are developed. Grenerally, at the commencement of the disease, the quantity of urine and the amount of sugar are not large, but the increase of both is progressive as the disease advances. Departures laterally to one or the other or both sides consti tute a lateral curvature, and backward or forward, an anteroposterior curvature, and must be measured as must be rotations or twists in jackets the spine in the COMPARATIVE MEASUREMENT OF LENGTH OF LIMBS. Many intractable eye conditions and reflex nervous symptoms are due to this anomaly. Whenever this state of matters has been reached, or, indeed, whenever in a case of middle-ear suppuration danger seems to threaten the patient from this cause, drainage is urgently indicated, and one of the operations to be referred to We must now turn very briefly to the diagnosis of intra-craniid mischief as it results from ear disease. There is slight dulness also at the right apex, and there is complete dulness over the lower part of the right lung, especially posteriorly. As, however, the injection was objected to by some of the patients, I have employed the extract in the form of suppositories or in the form of capsules; the latter can be easily introduced, and have the advantage of being readily filled by the patient with the necessary dose.

In such cases we may suppose that as the result of the shock all it, a i)iece of iron can be demagnetised by a heavy blow. A fire had evidently been lighted, but the damper, which was found to move with great ease, had fallen and prevented the smoke escaping by the chimney. I only asked if the escape of air from the uterus or vagina could have been so explained. Some advanced thinkers have even dug out from the workings of the human mind a single unifying formula, they call it"wish fulfilment," which sets all these strange beings to scampering into the realm of unsubstantiality and accounts for all their strange comments has no such simple satisfying explanation.

In many cases of writer's cramp' no over-use of the muscles has taken place, and in such cases we must suppose that, from some condition, either constitutional or situated locally in the nerves, the muscles are so deficient in' staying power' (notwithstanding their ability to contract forcibly for a short time) that they become useless, or nearly so, when called on for prolonged steady contraction. Catalyst - the ulcers may be round, irregular or semicircular. In no cases were colonies of these microorganisms found where the stomach contents were normal in reaction at the time of ingestion.


In regard to manipulating and kneading the perinaeum, the best plan is: placing the left handover the patient's right thigh, and with the palm turned towards the child's head, pressing the labia together by means of thumb and middle finger. Coming now to actual examination with the speculum, we trench upon more difficult ground. The following new appointments are announced; Dr (buy). The author of the present woik is Professor of Physical Education in the University of Pennsylvania, and the fact that other American universities have exercise should occupy in a complete scheme of education, and a description of the application of exercise to the treatment of abnormal conditions. He was treated in an extremely irregular way because of his occupation but we seemed to keep him alive year after year by giving him an occasional dose. It appears that the movement for reform in medical education, at present going on in Edinburgh, is being developed by the teachers whom Edinburgh is sending out to other centres, where also things are"maybe waur than weel." Thus considerable attention has been attracted by" A Review and Some Suggestions for the Improvement of the Efficiency of the Professor Campbell Geddes, who, since taking, up his duties in Dublin, has been appointed Dean of the Schools of Surgery there. For true acne rosacea, the old treatment by means of hot-water sponging of the face, followed by the use of a lotion of bichloride of mercury, of two grains to the ounce, is occasionally of very great service. This has made the syphilitic resort to clandestine medication, to advertising doctors and advertised remedies.

Puncture, or injections into the sac of morphia or any substance with the hope of killing the foetus is attended with greater risk be thoroughly cleaned, and all needless articles of furniture removed.

The patient should be restricted to plain, wholesome, well-cooked articles of diet, and excess may be avoided by taking food at shorter intervals than in health. The acid plays a secondary role as it merely serves to stimtilate contraction (jackson).

Gives to it a smoky or sooty appearance, which is somewhat characteristic of this renal affection.

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