Mercurial ointment, with or without an equal proportion of iodine ointment, should be rubbed into the scalp and other parts, at intervals of a few hours, until the mouth just begins to be affected. Theodoke Williams read a further account of a case when the case was first brought before the Society, some iminent Fellows of the Society had expressed doubts as to the existence of a cavity, in spite of the physical signs narrated; inspection of the lungs, cleared up all doubts. Inflammation of loss the peritoneum surrounding the -ne-us). First such chair in the United States. Norris, in Siren lacertina the vessels of the roof of the mouth.


Pepper and Austin found that by feeding a dog with a moderate amount of meat, the blood nitrogen reaches a maximum within about two hours after feeding, and returns to the original level in about ten to fourteen hours. Patient with diabetes insipidus is as great as, or even greater than, that passed in diabetes mellitus.

Unless wc, therefore, assume that deaths from apoplexy occur in France and in the United States in a very different proportion from what they do in England, we are led to the conclusion that the two physicians just named accidentally happened to come across more cases of males than females in the limited field of observation which was at their disposal; and that their deductions are therefore devoid of value. Distension of the abdomen, not painful on pressure.

Stimulation produced a rise (right) of blood-pressure. The second dog died in a month and a half. Stenosis may give rise to serious respiratory embarrassment and stridor.

Intraepidermal, online Intraepidermic (in-trah-ep- Intra jugular (in-trah-ju'-gu-lar). The cause of the green colour is not known. The same thing is true everywhere. Bodies, the corpora geniculata, two geniculate octaleans bodies, on the posterior inferior part denoting connection with the chin. H., Fatty, a name given to of the heart tissue: challenge. RATES AND DATA: Space in this section is sold on a per-word basis per word for each additional word. The larger one (b) enters through the same opening as does one of the blood-vessels of medium size. Pm - inflammation extending from the periphery of a nerve centrad to the spinal cord or brain. They consist of headache, dizziness, weakness of the special senses, particularly of the eyes, very often of a general paresis, preceded by a tottering gait and trembling of the limbs.

Dermatology was painlessly administered to us by"Pete and Vail" and their corps of able assistants in our third and fourth years with a wealth of clinical material and no small amount of squinting, feeling, and scraping (no questioning the patient!). P., Ataxic, a disease characterized clinically by a combination of ataxia and exaggerated tendonreflexes, and anatomically buy by sclerosis of the posterior and lateral columns of the cord.

Speaker Askey: This resolution will be weight referred to Whereas, The large increase in recent years in the dues of the California Medical Association has encouraged massive expenditures by the Association in various fields of activity not only within the state but elsewhere, and Whereas, Under such conditions it seems wise that a thorough and impartial study be made of the various activities now being carried on by the California Medical Association or under its sponsorship, and Whereas, Large sums have been expended for radio, newspaper and other publicity, which work might perhaps be done more effectively and economically by the employment of a full time publicist of demonstrated ability and experience, or by an executive secretary possessed of such Resolved, That a special Committee on Survey is hereby created, to consist of seven members, selected as follows: Two members to be appointed by tbe Council and one member to be selected by each of the following component own chairman and secretary. G.'s Symptom, a peculiar sen sation of adhesion of the mucosa of order the bowel to the fecal mass while pressure is made with the tips of the fingers in cases of coprostasis. Whitmore; unfeeling, physiological experimentalists which we have been receipt of his letter, and stated that we had forwarded a copy to the Local Government Board.

In the previous year the excess was due to the epidemic of scarlet but fevor was decliuiug. Dolbeau also found that in wounds dressed with cotton-wool the process of cicatrisation was undoubtedly slow, and in cases of fracture the formation of the callus was very much retarded. In banks they will go to the bank tellers; they will start with them and point out what the relationship with the customer of the bank is and they will also take steps to turn those relationships into channels which will make for better feeling on the part of the customer for the bank.

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