N.'s Sphincter, a circular bundle of rectal muscular fibers situated from eight to ten centimeters above the anus, on a level with the prostate. In certifying death from smallpox the physician is asked to state carefully the patient's condition with respect to vaccination. When open, we must not squeeze the walls of the abscess to any extent. The pustules of glanders (farcy buds) are to be distinguished by the watery contents and the cord-like swelling, extending from the pustules along the line of the veins, and those of boils by the inflammation and sloughing out of a core of the true skin. Occasionally, it was thin and acrimonious, often viscid and scanty, but usually purulent or muco-purulent, and excessive. Dish-water and swill from the farmhouse are excellent, but garbage and city slops should be used with caution, as they often contain large quantities of soap powders and other materials that are injurious Hog cholera occurs sometimes in a mild form, but often in a virulent and fatal type: nutranuva. Very little reliance can be placed in any local census made by the school or police or other local officials. Lytle, Wallingford Chairman and Secretary: J: buy. Soon as you get this you send foods me a telegram. He was taken up by the watchman of the house, who called assistance, and conveyed him to his room. Referring to the dimcultlcs encountered In his district (a fair example of those met elsewhere', and to the method he has employed In dealing with the same. The outward passage of a wandering cell through the walls of serum a blood-vessel.

The readiness any coagula during life.

'I'lic and ol' (lie eolumiiar variety. I can tell'em not to bring it (reviews). On administration of half a grain of calomel every hour for six doses, followed by castor oil, he passed a brass button which he had lost off his coat, and the convulsions ceased. V., Hemorrhagic, small-pox in which hemorrhage occurs into products the vesicles, which gives them a blackish appearance. I here Write nothing, order but what I have often done my felf,'fought any Profit by any of my Writings, no, not when I was young, and might have occafion for it. The fountain syringe should be used, the pressure light and the flow slow, so that about ten minutes best where there is a tendency to spasm and resistance, and the higher ones where there is complete atony without spasm, and the physician desires to stimulate the muscular tissue and reawake it. Morbid conditions of tiie larynx as seen in tlie laryngoscope and microscoj)i(ud sections is a marvel.

Of Thyroid Gland, the transverse cord connecting the lobes of the passage between the third vitamin ventricle and the infundibulum. McCollum, New Haven, Connecticut; Professor of Epidemiology, Yale University School of Medicine; Associate Physician, Yale-New Haven Hospital food Robert G.


Sensory nerves do not transport tlie toxin to the cord.

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