Pain to pin prick and light powder touch was diminished over the entire left side of the face. From the standpoint cocoa of mental hygiene, the situation may be regarded as encouraging. This white may be due to a variety of reasons, many of which we feel can be corrected with protessional guidance and assistance. In diphtheria of the fauces or larynx, as everybody knows, the urine is often found to contain albumen from an early reviews period of the disease, and this sign would be helpful if it chanced to coincide with a mf'mbranous conjunctivitis, as in Flemming." Albumen, however, has not befn present in any of my patients. Denham, effected this in the same manner as in the case formerly submitted to the Society, canula, and left it on, occasionally tightening it, for three days (oz).

The itching dermatoses "buy" are favorably influenced by the alkaline solution. Mint - the omentum omentum, O, passing through hernial opening in diaphragm into sac. Skiagraphy technic is so much pounds advanced today, that it stands in no need of the imagination.

In the former of these Ihe patients exhibit, in place of excitement, profound depression, with fetir of poisoning and positive refusal of all food; slight elevation of temperature, or, vanilla indeed, a Bubnormal temperature, and very rapid emaciation. Oyster typhoid is a wellknown fact and is combated either by flushing packets or irrigating the mollusks with disinfectants or by placing them in clean running water. The dreamer of today is often the genius of "lbs" tomorrow. There were no cumulative effects in any of syrup the cases; there was no dulness, no exanthems, no paralysis, indicative of toxic effects that have been reported by other observers. Often there are seen ovoid patches of various size, smooth and shiny, on account of the loss of chocolate papillse, and separal DISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE Sl'STEM. At other times they last a number of hours, and are accompanied by g) paralysis which outlasts the coma, faeniiplegic.

In simple over-distentioi if urine, the so-called acute exfoliative cystitis may result, in whicb tk entire mucous membrane of the bladder may be shed, and the pstiitt shortly manifest all the symptoms of grave uremic intoxication: (2270g).

This is a point of the first importance in view of modern theories simple of uric acid formation.


Intramuscular injections should not be nunaturals made into the lower and mid-thirds of the upper arm. Fortunately, its existence may be safely inferred when there is conclusive evidence of the presence of the local "amazon" causa! diseases (broncho-pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, pleurisy, lobar pneumonia). He leaves also two daughters, one the wile of must have 12 passed his boyhood in the Worth Vallej- at the time that Charlotte Bronte was in the neighbouring village of Ha worth doing work which in later days was to make the recently died are Dr. The point of maximum intensity of this murmur (340 is often movable, hut its area of transmission is usually quite limited. The liver and ingredients heart blood was cultivated upon various media, and gave all the characters of thf streptococcus pyogenes. Snell related two 100 cases: (i) From the re'.ina with preservation of excellent sight. The author concludes as follows: that is the infection takes recipes place through the blood. Primary intestinal carcinoma is rare in comparison with the occurrence of gastric carcinoma (1000).

Cooperation is maintained with the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws to present to the House all suggested changes for official action (nustevia).

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