If there is feeble circulation, frequent change of position and cardiac stimulation may serve to prevent pulmonary hypostasis and to relieve cough Neuritis is sometimes troublesome but usually may be relieved by the administration of codeine and the local application of a liniment composed of menthol and Bed-sores can almost certainly be avoided by thorough cleanliness and keeping the bed and skin dry with appropriate bath treatment, with the daily (twice at least) rubbing of the skin with alcohol, especially over those portions of the body subjected to Water beds or air or water cushions are of the utmost value in typhoid cases, but they always should be covered with a sheet general, only to such a degree as not to rise above the level of the remainder of the bed when the patient lies upon them. Transition forms between the minute bodies and the adult capsulated cell are present. We must on no account whatever make light of our patient's symptoms, we must listen attentively to all her complaints, and make her feel that we consider them real, but at the same time we should hold out good prospects of ultimate recovery.

Delaunay has to say on the subject. There was general concurrence in the view that as regards the three last mentioned topics conditions are very similar in the three states and that by cooperation it might be possible to procure something like uniform legislation in these matters. Manson attributes the severe forms of erysipelas occurring in Brazil to filaria sanguinis hominis.

Indeed it may be said that it is one of the most valuable works for every citizen of the United States to read If your bookseller hasn't this hook in stock address ifte'publislier. The medical officer in charge may waive this requirement in instances where the nature of the disability has been such as to prevent a resumption of a seaman's vocation or when the port is closed. Let us examine a vesicle: Is the vesicle situated on clear skin or upon an elongated or rounded area of erythema? Is the vesicle umbilicated or does it only appear so because of its situation in relation to a hair? Is it superficial? Is it covered by a thick or thin wall of epidermis? Is the fluid clear or turbid? Is it multilocular? If the vesicle arrises from a clear base, or an enlongated erythematous base, we are probably dealing with chicken-pox. Jo.seph Smith, of Exeter, and others, on different creatures, but especially horses; seventhly, a. I was called for several days, but ou that day instead of drinking told him was gelsemium, to (piiet his nerves.

The following was the treatment adopted: He was fed every hour with milk, soup, or other light nourishment of this kind; and he was ordered four ounces of brandy, and a stimulating mixture composed of a drachm of carbonate of ammonia, three drachms of syrup of squills, and six ounces of infusion of senega, a tablespoonful to be taken three times a day. Auch man am Abendt Thomoe Apostoli zu Hauelberg tratamientos medicos, especialmente el hoiueopiltico.

There has not been suHicieut time to ascertain the exact name of ihe Farm Pond specimens. The temperature in the order rectum is, however, increased, in the axilla it is burning heat (Mannaberg). I have for years contended that the solution of max this whole problem of overlapping of charitable work will be solved only thi'ough united effort between dispensaries and like institutions and an organization such as the Society for Organizing Charity. By keeping the patient on a high protein diet, we stimulate the growth of the We find additional support for this theory in the expansion following clinical observations of S.

The only evidence of external injury was a subconjunctival hemorrhage extending from the limbus of the cornea to the cornea, was a small depression where evidently a foreign body had two glistening foreign bodies of metallic appearance about half the size of a split pea. I applied the clump, clesiDsed the abdomen of all lliiiil, and closed the wound. We are glad to learn that the Jyew York State Board of Health has already begun a partial medical inspection of some of their schools, preparatory to more general work in that di Ville de Bruxelles. After the throat and nasal passages the pudenda and vaginal mucous membrane are the most frequent seats of diphtheritic deposit, although very rare in these Tlie following case in illustration shows the success hours the patches rapidly extended in spite of treatment; distinct diphtheritic membrane, one cm.

The products of fatigue, whatever the source, pass into the blood and affect all parts of the body including the nervous system.

Buy - petechiae or ecchymoses are often found beneath the visceral layer of the serous pericardium. By Sir ON BRITISH WILD FLOWERS CONSIDERED IN RELATION Under the joint Editorship of Professors Huxley, Roscoe, and College, Manchester. Observation of symptoms tanks was purely empirical, and was never developed into a system that might even lay claim to the title of a systematic differentiation in diagnosis.

Einige Bemerkungeu iiber deu Bau der Netzbaut. AVilks knew of no otlier get into the bronchi witiiout causing acute symptoms.


The writer also says, what all must concur iu, that" there is little or no tendency in eczema to a spontaneous cure; its natural course is to persist indefinitely, and even to defy treatment in many cases."" The eruption cannot be driven from one locality to another."" A' strikiug-in' of the eruption is unknown to scientific or practical medicine."" No harm comes from curing a long standing eczema."" An eruption caused by the internal administration of mercury is exceedingly rare, if it ever occurs, and never takes a form resembling eczema."" Tobacco if used at all iu excess has a most harmful effect in eczema."" There is not, and never can be, any specific for eczema, nor simple remedy, nor course nor plan of treatment effective in every case, nor yet in the same case under every circumstance."" Arsenic in many cases is useless, and iu many others does actual harm."" Iodide of potassium is seldom of value, and often very harmful in eczema."" Prurigo is an exceedinglj' rare disease in the United Stales, not over two or three undoubted cases having been thus far observed and recorded by those occupied with this branch."" In a majority of cases the solid rubber bandage is unexcelled for tlio management of eczema, and also of eczematous and varicose ulcers of the lower extremities." Such remarks as are here quoted, though not of startling originality, are very greatly needed, the medical profession, as a body, needing rather to digest the truths it has, than to acquire more, and the authority of the writer will have great weight in spreading at large these and other truths long known to the special few.

A mustard plaster placed over the affected area generally gives relief, or paint the parts with iodine.

Observatiouum chirurgicarum fasciculus primus continens de cataractie extractioue observationes Regice Scientiarum Societ.

Flagg the objections to intratracheal anesthesia were largely overcome. Compression of the cord in the neck is speedily fatal as a rule, owing to the involvement of important vital centers; but when it occurs in the region of the chest, the person may live a long time as a more or less helpless invalid.

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