The arteries are furnished by the branches of the internal maxillary, apple known under the names of sphenopalatine, infraorbitar, superior alveolar, palatine, pterygopalatine; by the supraorbitar, and ethmoidal branches of the ophthalmic artery; by the internal carotid, superior labial, and dorsales nasi. Aside from the mechanical removal of septic matter, the factors of depletion, thinning of exudate, and increased flow of -uncontaminated blood-serum to the middle ear.


From its etiology, therefore, erysipelas is a non-specific disease, but is due to a higher state of virulence which the streptococcus happens to possess at the time it enters the tissues, or which it can soon acquire when the tissues are suited to its development in a virulent shape. If any part be injured it inflames; we see the arteries leading to it in every direction allowing firee ingress to the blood. HY'DROGEX, Hydrogen' turn, Tnflam'mable air, Phlogie'ton, Princip'ium hydrogeneficnm sea hydrot'icum, Mephi'tU inflammab'ilie, (F.) Hydrogene, Phlogoghie, Air inflammable, Gaz dee baU Ions, (hydro, "ultra" and ytvvaw,'I produce.') This gas, when breathed, proves fatal from containing no oxygen. This famous nostrum for the prevention of venereal infection was nothing more than a solution of Lotion, Hydrocyan'ic, Lo'tio Ac"idi Hydrocyan'ici: scam. It is universally found that those spinal nerves which unite with the sympathetic are much thicker towards their origin than in the contrary direction; therefore, since it is not at all probable that the central organs receive so large a number of sympathetic fibres, it remains to be assumed that they are the filaments which spring from the central organs, and serve to communicate the influence exercised by the brain and spinal marrow upon the organs of vegetative life. The local effects of the endocardial inflammation are warty growths, fibrinous deposits, adhesions, etc., an account of which has been given under the heading Anatomical Characters. Most modern pathologists, however, liave accepted Virchow's doctrine that the increase of white corpuscles in the blood is secondary to the pathological changes in the lymphatic organs, to which is assigned a blood-forming function. Indeed, it should form a part of every blood examination where inflamed tissue is We shall best appreciate its production and significance by considering the mode of formation of fibrin in the process of inflammation. The origin of these indurated patches is not well understood. HeckeP recommends its use in preference to croton oil, as being quicker in its action and less liable to induce nausea and vomiting.

Do Med.,' i'l lirium Tremens to and allied diseases by large doses of Digitalis,"' Med. Syru'put "boost" Lavandula Latifolia, Lavandula, L. Behind the trachea and right bronchus, which they had flattened, were masses of enlarged and altered glands, the larger of the size of chestnuts: buy. It is two to three inches above the upper border may be taken to be vertebral when it is situated in the course of that vessel, and when its pulsations are not commanded by compression of is situated as above, and its pulsations are commanded, however completely, by pressure on the common carotid low in the neck, it ought not to be treated as being carotid, or as affecting a branch of the carotid, unless it is clearly proved that its pulsations are stopped by pressure applied above the level at which the vertebral ceases to be aneurism diagnosed as vertebral may be treated by comnression (gradual or rapid, as the case demands) of the root of the vertebral will not stop the pulsation, or if it cannot be borne, the tumour should be subjected to direct compression and refrigeration, to which internal remedies may be added, and possibly the subcutaneous injection of appears likely to burst, or if it has burst, the sac shonld be opened vertebral artery should be treated either by direct pressure or by after dealing with the subject in detail, sums up to the effect that Travers' original assumption that orbital aneurism is usually anastomotic has been conclusively refuted: reviews. Going out of doors and gentle exercise are to be encouraged. In this case the obstruction occurred after the laryngitis had existed for six days, no obstruction having previously existed; and after its occurrence it increased so rapidly that in six or eight hours tracheotomy was required. The patient pills being extremely emaciated and anaemic, any operation involving loss of blood was impossible; and therefore Ciniselli determined to apply the galvanic cautery. Vulgarly, in GOURMET (F.) A connoisseur in wines or GOUT, Arthri'tis, Arth'ragra, Arthral'gia, Mor'bus domino'rum seu articula'ris, Ma'lum articulo'rum, Gut'ta, Arthro'sia Pod'agra, Podal'gia, Pod'agra, Arthrit'icus ve'rus, Arthri'tis Podagra, Podagra Arthri'tis, Flux' io arthrit'ica, Fe'bris arthrit'ica seu Podag'rica, Arthrodyn'ia podag'rica, Misopto'choa, (Sc.) Gut, (F.) Goutte, Agrie of Piorry (nature). LUXA'TIOX, Ehtxa'tion, (luxare, luxatum,'to put out of place.') Disloea'tion, Olisthe'ma, Luxa'tio, Disloca'tio, Ec'clisis, Strem'ma, Luxatu'ra, Ectop'ia, Erpto'sis, and Elap'sus, Lygis'mus, Emo'tio, Ec' stasis, Exarthre'ma, Paracine'ma, E. Canals have by the usual consequences of irritation been laid open; at some points the external surfece of the femur is entirely removed, still more clearfy demonstrating the principle upon which absorption the ossific tumor formed upon the upper part of the tibia. An ordinary hypodermic syringe and a small speculum are the only instruments required. She continued to sufifer, however, from pelvic distress, for the relief of which she constantly clamored for morphine. This is the chief residence of "cider" invalids in Cornwall, England, during the winter. A minute examination of a portion of skin showed where that the liair-bulbs, sweat-glands, and upper portions of the cutis, were affected.

The red blood-corpuscles pass through the unruptured capillary walls by the process known as diapedesis, and the pus-cells are mostly, if not entirely, emigrated white blood-corpuscles. We should also know whether it disappears spontaneously, or whether the patient has to restore it; and, if so, whether such restoration is easy or difficult. The collateral circulation is probably vinegar well haemorrhage stopped spontaneously; in four cases, the patient died before anything could be done. Have come under my observation, I am disposed to attribute to the prompt and etRcient employment of the alkaline treatment, which, for many years, has been in vogue in this country. The mucous membrane of the bronchi, particularly of those at the apex, is early affected with inflammation. A few are occasionally engaged in breaking stones, and making mats, others in the performance of various domestic offices in the house.

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