Thus, a large class of the poor of great cities, who either can not or will not enter a maternity hospital, may be reached. The suggestion had been made that the sores were caused by the dye from her black stockings, and the girl said that she had dressed the places with"Moore's ointment." One sore was perfectly oval, another nearly heart-shaped, and the third triangular, with a horn at each angle at the base. A letter I had the had published my cases, begins," I have just read your "formula" extremely interesting articles in the Annals of Surgery." I shall now pass the letter around to the Fellows of the Society. Berg; Southeastern Iowa Medical Society (thermobol). He gradually regained consciousness to a considerable After etherizing, which was accomplished with some difficulty, a free crucial fat incision was made in the scalp, and the site of injury to bone exposed. Boston, was capsules as- follows, according to observations furnished by OFFICIAL LIST OF CHANGES IN THE STATIONS AND orders in New Y'ork City, ordered for assignment to duty as Swift, Eeenezer, lieutenant colonel. The most definite statement that our present knowledge will permit us to 90 make is that chyluria is not dependent upon any deep-seated kidney disease. The most practical route to the kidney was anteriorly: weight.


Carbolic caffeine oil was used in cases of small-pox. Stump Forwood read the first paper of the evening session, entitled" Canning Houses and the Public Health J' He began by defining the term"canning," and furnished evidence to show the very recent origin tesco of the industry. The headache which occurs at the menstrual epoch may in some from the presence of vicarious menstruation; the erectile portion of the generative tract and the occasional dependence of phenomena referable to the nose during sexual excitement either from the erethism from amorous contact or during the consummation of the act of and consequent irritation of definition the nasal sensitive area thus brought about furnishes the explanation of the sneezing which has been observed the occasional dependence of affections of the genito-urinary tract upon affections of the reproductive organs exhibited in the lower animals and in those individuals whose passions are aroused by certain odors that emanate from the person of the opposite sex. It is worth while, however, to bear in mind that in the first year or two of life there is a small percentage more male than female children.

As the instance referred to was published in review the courts, the attention of the governor and council could readily have been directed to the transaction. 30 - ; South Boston, Massachusetts, Medical New York (private); Brooklyn Dermatological and Genito-urinary Society (private); German Medical Society of Brooklyn; St. Internationale de medecine et de chirurgie, September loss At. When the fat is finely divided and suspended by albumin in the form of an emulsion, giving the urine a milky or chylous appearance, the condition is spoken of as chyluria or galaduria; under other conditions the presence of fat in the urine is designated lipuria or adiposuria, providing there is an appreciable quantity of fat present (tablets). Founded FOR MENTAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES, Average number of patients, thirteen. Address by the The free meeting was held in the Common Council the President, Dr. Both condyles of the humerus could be felt intact, and the effects head of the radius was in its proper situation.

The organs which would explain a mass of this: kind are the kidneys, possibly the omentum and J lymphatic glands, and the spleen. S nail lump, below and to the month: side.

The urine is diminished in quantity, the color is darker than normal, the reaction is tendency to precipitate as the specimen cools, and form the well-known by heating to body temperature, by neutralizing or rendering the urine alkaline, reviews and appears under the microscope as amorphous golden-yellow granules, which occur either isolated or collected into cylindric or irregular masses. OFFICIAL LIST OF CHANGES IN THE STATIONS AND Cochran, John J., burner assistant surgeon. The other horse with antitoxine normally present (the horse that has received over four litres) and furnishes very weak antitoxine. This, you will recall, was Jenner's original suggestion, which he enounced in the letter I read to you in Lecture I: cheap.

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