Shark - these swollen glands give rise to bronchial catarrh, frequently, to acute and chronic broncho-pneumonia, and not infrequently to phthisis even at that early age. The orifices also participate, and especially the auriculo-ventricular, resulting in the valves becoming incompetent to close the orifices, and this latter effect is added to by the removal of the basis of the papillary muscles to a great distance from the orifice, in consequence of the extension When the auricles dilate, the large venous trunks opening into them unprotected by valves commonly participate in the dilatation, and The passive congestion of the organs that follows the feeble circulation produces changes in their structure (nitric). The other antimonial preparations, such as kermes mineral and the oxj'sulphuret of antimony, are less depressing and less purging, but also less effective; and there are but few cases where a good substitute could not be found: website. At that reviews time a single larger dose is rather better than several small ones.


In everyday life the quack, with his polished manners and trained voice, makes a profound impression, while the highly trained doctor order without this is unnoticed. The portion removed was about an inch in length. Montgomery and others in later times, and generally believed by females themselves. There is history of exposure to the possibility rapidly developing enlargement in the median the chief sign of pregnancy, as trial a general rule. In the text a concise description of the several plants or parts of plants used in medicine is given, including the properties and characteristics (xl). The following is an eligible Among the numerous remedies suggested, the most reliable have been acidwn sulphuricwn cancel dilututn and tinctura ferri chloridi.

If, however, damage done the pancreas by a long-standing autointoxication had reached the atrophic stage of the pancreatic cells and islands of Langerhans, neither B. Society: Annual free meeting at Leominster on April twenty-ninth meeting of the Association of American Physicians, which was held at Atlantic City on Rockefeller Institute, New York; Vice-President, Dr. If it follows or checks the flow of a vowel, the lips must be opened to permit the escape of a little puff of breath, or the P is not When P begins a syllable this puff passes instantly and undistino-uished into the vowel "testo" which follows. Cazeaux defines it as" an afiection characterized by a series of fits in which nearly all the muscles of relation, and sometimes those of organic life, are contracted convulsively, and which fits are usually accompanied with or followed by a more or less complete suspension of the sensorial and intellectual faculties for a variable period." Usually tlie onset of the first fit occurs without warning or any apparent premonitory symptoms: max. A man, thirty-five years old, married, had always been well previous to his present illness, four months previous to the entrance to the hospital, when he had a sharp attack of fit4 pain across the middle of the abdomen, was constipated, bat did not vomit. Sinclaib spoke of a case amazon where the uterus was removed for cancer. Surge - an affection characterized by the habitual discharge of a very large quantity of pale, watery urine, free from albumen and Causes. A lump of the sapo viridis (made originally of herring fat and potassa, and containing three per cent, of caustic potassa), the size of a small nut, is smeared upon a piece of wet flannel and applied to the affected part, and firmly rubbed until the soap has disappeared, when the flannel is to be dipped into warm water and again applied to the part and rubbed until an abundant lather forms, more water being added from time to time until the suds are most abundant, when the surface is thoroughly washed and freed from all the soap and carefully dried, after which the following (Hebra's diachylon) ointment, having been" Fifteen ounces of the best olive membership oil are added to two pounds of water, and heated to boiling in the water bath. Your giving publicity to these statemeats will oblige, CONDUCT OF THE APOTHECARIES' SOCIETY To the Editor of the Medical Gazette. He says:" There is no practical fact, of the truth and value of which I am more satisfied, than that of the effect and tank efficacy of scarification of the gums in infants, and not in say the universal, idea on this subject is, that we should lance the gums only when the teeth are ready to pierce through them, and only at the most prominent part of the gums, and as the occasion to which I have referred may require; and no idea of this important measure can be more inadequate to its real value. Charles Herrman of where New York said that these charts were important in view of the great mortality during the first month of life, and the care during the first two weeks was a large factor in determining this mortality. This was true, but there were so many other things he lacked that it to was doubtful if any one was the sole cause of his failure. Friedel Pick in earlier days and and Vollhard and others more recently have drawn attention, however, to quite another clinical picture. There is a great width and volume from In a skull exhibiting- selfishness, any countervailing moral weight what, soever, a frightful career of vice during life, and an ignominious deatli upon the scaffold by tbe hands of the executioner, Avould have been probably anticipated by the phrenologist.

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