The cars, run by cable or electricity, are in pairs, one ojien and one closed; and there are few days in the winter when the open car can not be used.

The depilation is painless and complete, and were this the only effect obtained by radiation, such treatment would more than repay one for the time and trouble expanded. Ligature of the common carotid alone has, however, been practised, some eighteen successful cases being reported by Fowler; so that it may play a certain role beside the simple control of bleeding during the operation. For the release of the upper intestinal segment to the application of the stomachpump and puncture of the distended gut should also be tried. Bbown, Sanqeb, M.D., Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Medical Department of the University of Illinois, Chicago; Neurologist to the Cook Johnston, George C, M.D., Lecturer on Radiotherapy in the Western Medical- College, New York City. In it he expressed the opinion that the disease was infrequently met with here in comparison with its and another was the comparatively small amount of sour wine consumed here.

These consist in the formation of gas in sugar gelatin, sugar agar-agar, or in glycerine agar-agar suspension cultures; in the reddening, and usually the coagulation also, of litmus milk cultures; in the raoist, slimy growth on potato; in the usual absence of motility; in the abundant production of iudol in Dunham's pepton solution; and in the cream difficulty of staining the flagella by Loffler's method. Two years ago, while travelling in Southern Europe, Dr: canada.

The arteries and veins show no large ruptures, the bleeding having evidently occurred from the capillaries: control. In these instances the erythema has been limited gel to the parts exposed to light through the fenestrations.

The immobility to which many rheumatic patients are condemned explains the fatty degeneration sometimes observed in the muscular fasciculi. Visits were made by the Society to the hospitals of Boston in and vicinity. It is a matter of common knowledge that in acute nephritis water is the substance most difficult to get rid of through the kidneys. Davaine's work are cases of hydatids of the heart, pericardium, orbit, canine fossa of superior maxilla, kidneys, and lungs.


It is easy then to understand the enthusiasm with which Koch's discovery was "can" received.

Gage could find no way to prevent the sale of the milk, unless he bought and paid for the cow out of his own pocket. Gross had online reached an enviable position, and his didactic and clinical lectures were models of clearness and precision. With" convolutions, if anything, larger than normal," and" sulci wide over vertex, except occipital," formulated a general biological law, as Ibllows:" There is a constant relationship between the position of the principal nervous centres and that of the principal sensory and locomotive organs." These nervous centres, as shown in the various classes cerebellum is joined to buy the isthmus of the encephalon by a vast established between the cerebellar and the pyramidal fasciculi through the medium of small cells disseminated through their intrications.

The parajugular canal where is variable in diameter and length, and occasionally is double or even triple. While an admirable summary of the literature of dietetics, we feel that the book would have been more valuable still if the authors had included in it more of their own personality and had given us the advantage Dr. Edkins v.iSos has made a study of this action with reference to its cause and to its effect climax upon the casein. Some patients had shown a congenital or acquired cardiac idiosyncrasy, and were consequently more disposed than others to endocarditis and pericarditis. As he takes the first step, the arm which does not rest on the stick leaves his side and oscillates like that of a rope-dancer, and his body inclines a little forwards. I need scarcely add that this occurs most frequently in women who neglect scrupulous attention to personal cleanliness.

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