This objection to its use holds good with most if not all the prepared foods projector on the market. We should have had the Medical Minister of Public Health, for which the American Medical Association is just now pleading, much to the profit of the people in the saving of the public health and of innumerable lives and to the honor of the profession, which above all other callings, has been the friend and benefactor to mankind, giving to humanity one of its greatest blessings, and to the world many of its greatest and best men, whatever the world may say to the most fatal of the world's delusions, and proved that law and not the caprice of the gods governed nature's rule over the morbid processes; or like Vesalius, who dared and did for mankind more than ever warrior or valiant who may yet live in the hearts of some unlaureled, even as the memory of Harvey and Jenner and Jackson and McDowell and hosts review of others here unnamed, are not yet fully appreciated by the world at large. .-Xmong the oldest data which we pnassess, from which we can attempt to compare death-rates of past centuries with those of the present, are the records' of Geneva in Switzerland, which thirty-six years and six months. The febrile symptoms do not commonly last more than four or five days, sometimes but one or two, but the cough generally remains for a considerable time, varying according to circumstances, such as exposure to cold disease, but aged or weakly persons are frequently carried off by it. Members of the profession who send us information of matters of general interest to our readers will be considered as doing them and us a favor, and if the space at our command admits of it, we shall take africa pleasure in inserting the substance of such communications. The latter treatment has been kept up for a year, with complete cessation of the in vertigo. Reason of safety lies in fact, that chisel acts on the tangent of cranial periphery, whereas trephine's action is vertical, and often leads to unintentional injury of vessels (sinuses and meningeal artery) or meninges, especially in crania of unequal saw and ordinary chisel or cutting forceps, beside the De Vilbliss saw with the Hoffman gouge forceps: south.


I must drink, drink, and again drink, until the stomach overflows: pills. The doctor asked if pro there was any antagonism between siphyllis and tuberculosis. I must say, lipwever, that most of my cases have been operated upon under general anaesthesia, and I cannot say that I have seen much harm from it. It is in some way order connected with the geographical Those at the bottom of valleys, those at river mouths or deltas, those of the sea-shore, of the plains, of the plateaux, and artificial breedingplaces.

As many, however, will be unable to apply the strapping in a proper manner, and as it is only applicable in the early stage of the affection, it may be as well to say that usually the inflammation will subside spontaneously in a few days, if the patient will keep quietly lying on his back with the testicles supported in a proper bandage, and fomented either with hot water, and cool with cold water, as his feelings may dictate.

When strong solutions of chloral hydrate and antipyrin are mixed a white precipitate is formed, which soon becomes resolved into globules of oily-looking liquid, which sink to the bottom in a distinct layer.

Certificates were buy ordered given to Drs. If symptoms of fever show themselves, the remedy is to be discontinued for a time. Hence, the deduction follows that intoxication favours an increased They also observed that the urea-synthesis in cases of Intoxication is grossly reduced and that the NHg-coefficient (i.e., the proportion of NHg compounds to the total nitrogenous substance of the body) is markedly increased, showing, therefore, that in Intoxication there is a grave disorder of metabolism present, that overshadows all other signs, Regarding the researches in the fat-metabolism, no definite statements We shall now see what was revealed by accurate clinical observation on ordinary and on experimental cases of Intoxication in Finklestein's Institute.

On awaking found right side drawn up and paralyzed; in course of day lost all power of motion, and vision became dim; no coma.

You,' doctor, are exhorted to spring to good must aid in this mission; and"when the wicked combine, the good must unite." Society looks to the medical profession for leaders in this enterprise (projectors). This dark color is dependent on the presence, in the cells, of a number of flat, rounded, or oval granules, not more than the one twentythousandth of an inch in diameter. Chip that tiiis should he done when there are adhesions, showing that it has a Tu!e in doing this operation at the same time to remove the appendix.

Seven deaths were the result of primary infection; nine died from failure of the bronchial closure; and eighteen from tension pneumothorax leading to the formation of transudate.

The next patient came to the clinic six weeks ago, with a large angry malignant ulcer under the tongue and enlarged submaxillary lymphatic glands.

It shows that the head of the bone, where the blood supply is best and where the periosteum is bound dowTi to the bone or cartilage, resisted the invasion of the jiisease.

" Whenever I use it." he said," I administer it myself, and then the patient cannot procure more of it by simply having a prescription refilled." He also stated that, as a rule, he never used a solution stronger than five per cent., since he found the results obtained from it quite as good as from a stronger solution.

Purgatives of the character described increase the peristaltic motion of the bowels to an unnatural degree, and such unnatural increase must give rise to more or less The too frequent use of powerful purgatives will produce dyspepsia, diarrhoea, piles, prolapsus ani, and other difficulties which might be mentioned.

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