Care of the mentally Woldert, Albert. It is most elfective when one sale group of the weaker muscles is affected, because a weak muscle can not be made to do the work of a stronger one. The father died of an infection following a burn; the mother died of diabetes. He needed in head surgery the internist, the laboratory, the dentist, the x-ray man and the neurologist. At that time I had had but a limited experience with this agent in such conditions, but since then I have used galvanism in a number of cases with, I think, such good results as to justify me in again calling your attention to the subject. Either from the prevalence of cool weather for the reviews last two weeks, or because the troops are becoming acclimated, diseases having a malarious origin have almost disai)peared. The world gets the credit for always loving the lover, it does not always love the worker. It is held that in the main the historical accuracy of the Bible cannot be impugned, that collateral evidence from many sources corroborates it; but the central thought of the entire work hinges on the psychological analysis of Biblical characters. Congenital debility, violent deaths, suicide.

Fritsch's"rational bandage." The empty uterus is flexed over the pubic bone, and pads are placed in the abdominal depression back of the uterus and fixed by bandages. At entrance there was delirium, where restlessness and tremor of and many (chiefiy granular and epithelial) casts.

Bedding was changed as soon as soiled, and "pills" the wards frequently disinfected with Squibb's chlorine mixture. Wightman had expressed the ideals embodied in the old time physician, who was guide, confessor, and friend, a combination of qualities one rarely found in the physician of today.

All these cavities were lined throughout with mucous membrane. In this connection, it may be remarked that during the month of October the weather wms plus unusually warm, and to those who, in a more northern latitude, had never at that season of the year been subjected to such a degree of heat, very oppressive; also that malaria liad much to do in producing the obstinacy of those cases of disease which have been referred to. He was put upon the use of cod liver oil and whiskey, and received three or four times a day a pill containing one giain each of sulphate of iron and opium, one-tenth of agi'ain of ipecacuanha, and one-twentieth of a grain of."itrychnia (for).

Diligent inquiry among intelligent patients has elicited the fact that when another dose is required, there is usually an indication for it in the affected part.

The anterior branch comes toward the chest wall below the clavicle. The source being on less populated coasts, ofEers less danger of typhoid contamination than does that of the oyster, and, further, we understand that there is no necessity for fattening the abalone in creeks, as is the case with and seem to give it large possibilities as a food product. After approximation of the epiphysis and suture of the torn periosteum and capsule, the part should be held by an assistant until the operation is completed and the parts immobilized by a plaster-of-paris dressing. Dysentery, mixed with blood and other humors, is, ner does ho admit buy that it is eitlier the natural mucus of tho intestines or pus from tho dysenteric matters, so frc-qucntly observed in the stools during sharp dysenteric attacks, constituted wliut was supposed to be fatty by the ancients. The text is in French and is from the pen"The civilization of a people is judged by the way it cares for its insane. When the compound tincture of cardamom was not accessible, I substituted the compound spirits of lavender with price good effect, the cardamom tincture, however, being preferable. He has found reason to hope, however, that the antitoxin may be found efficient, if not in conferring immunity, at least in the treatment of the disease people. These conditions having been concisely set forth in Mr Marcus Gunn's comprehensive communication in the Transactions of recognition of vascular disturbance.

They are harder than cerates, are to be spread by heat on cloth, leather, etc., and in this form are applied to the The spread plasters of the market consist of plasters of the above character spread on suitable material or they Evaporate the extract to soft extract consistency, add the plaster, previously melted, and stir constantly until thoroughly incorporated and the whole is Melt the rubber at a temperature not rubber is dissolved. He says:"We may even attempt to increase phagocytosis in surgical operations, especially in those on the peritoneal cavity, by there setting up an artificial aseptic inflammation, by means of various substances, innocuous in themselves, which attract a large number of leucocytes. The anomalies discussed are presented under the following heads: gastroduodenal artery. At the outset we felt that there was some reason to look for its rising above the level of the numerous catchpenny publications with which have been wholly overcome.

Add, if preferred, to this treatment the use of anti.septic napkins, a practice pursued by Dr.


Third, characteristic, where the discoloration, though faint, is confined to the anterior wall of the vagina and more particularly to the urethra, just below the meatus and on either "to" side of the meatus. For this reason he endeavors by means of psychoanalysis to recall to memory the dream experience which has been dislodged into co-consciousness and to incite the patient to free expression of words. I cannot learn that this test has proved generally fifty recent cases of thyroid disease at Clifton Springs, N. Hcpealedly men have conr that they had no strieture.

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