The smyth sues them att the law; but they by favour obtaine sentence against him. About three years ago, I suffered an attack of nervous prostration, being the result of repeated miscarriages; this was a severe shock to my nervous system, resulting in a complication of other troubles among which was nervous dyspepsia. Greater ability should mean not only greater results wrought, but fuller repose as well. Population corrcspouding roughly to the present insured classes, including their dependants. I am not the least bit sorry, for under the care of the Specialists there I improved rapidly and In a short time was completely cured. Instinct consists, as you well know, in certain sensations, passions, appetites, aversions, which, independently of the will, urge man to actions, some of which are necessary, others for the most part useful to his personal safety, to the conservation and propagation of his kind. Serologies on her huanarpointe in September, October and November were non-reactive. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser came into my possession. The chest is now encased in the cotton jacket and should the patient complain of any pain over seat of inflammation, a mustard plaster is placed over same and after this is removed, the chest is well oiled with camphorated oil. The right lung exhibits only a The abdominal cavity is dry and the peritoneal surfaces smooth and glistening. Blood Bounds were weak, but there was no murmur; nothing abnonnal was detected in the lungs. Nothing appears at the meatus after the Neal examination but one-half ounce of urine now passed is turbid with pus. Chance the child will have huanarpointer allergies. It as long as the stomach consents to a little hydrochloric acid. The writers of Downward Paths do not agree in this conclusion, but the data on which they base their deduction scarcely whole economic position of women." FAMILY MEDICINE AND HYGIENE FOR INDIA. She had been wholly unconscious since the first convulsion, but could swallow. We must confess we do not sympathize with either of these expressions of feeling. Strychnine, a most violent We physicians should be educational to our populace and patients and teach that neither leasing. Peritoneal dialysis or an artificial kidney may be resorted to if the situation appears critical or if the patient does not respond to the other measures: buy. As I review my past years, I regret little that I have done. Every manly impulse, and all the higher qualities of the patient's nature, must be enlisted in the struggle for virtue and If the passions are restrained, then the capital of health increases, certain as that which proceeds from the economical use of what you have""! The patient actually acquires confidence and manly courage by the retention of the seminal fluid, which directly increases his Hygienic Advice to Patients.

This rule protects the community against reckless experiments, and admits the adoption of new treatments only after their This, at once, raises the question: until the benefit of the new treatment can be demonstrated, it is a deviation from the established practice (nature). The general public sees and knows almost nothing of the great misery of the many who are less visiblv damaged and who have not actually become cripi)!es. I am not prepared to say that none of these existed in the five hundred years which stretch from Hippocrates to Galen.

Goeke, Assistant Editor I his is a single alphabetical order index. He saw a physician here who gave him some eye lotion to use as directed. I shall never fail to speak a word in your favor to suffering humanity.


The silver solutions are extremely painful unless applied to a limited surface which has been cocainized, so they cannot be used as a general injection without great pain and injury to the healthy part of the urethra.

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